Mark Zdechlik Feature Archive

A month into the tax increase, it's not clear yet how much cash Minnesota is collecting. The stiff tobacco levy, though, is changing behavior. (08/02/2013)
Demonstrators from a controversial church in Topeka, Kan., came to Minnesota Thursday to protest the first day of same-sex marriage in the state. (08/01/2013)
The Legislature this year extended the wheelage tax option to all 87 Minnesota counties   and then doubled the fee to $10. Counties have until Thursday to tell the state if they'll levy the tax -- and so far, they're nearly evenly divided on the topic. (07/29/2013)
The Anoka County Board of Commissioners voted today to end a surcharge on car and truck license tab renewals called a "Wheelage tax." (07/25/2013)
U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx visited the site of the I-35W bridge collapse Monday to underscore the importance of maintaining the nation's roads, bridges and other infrastructure. (07/22/2013)
The Office of Congressional Ethics announced Tuesday that all seven cases in its docket had been referred to the Ethics Committee. The OCE operates under confidentiality rules that prohibit it from naming the targets of its probes, but due to leaks and media reports it was widely known that Bachmann's case was under investigation by the office. (07/17/2013)
People who track drug abuse in the metro area say heroin use is so prevalent that it's rivaling the methamphetamine problem of several years ago. (07/15/2013)
Congress's top two tax policy writers left Washington behind on Monday to to get some ideas from a couple of Minnesota-based companies about how the nation's tax system should be revamped. (07/08/2013)
Political newcomer Stewart Mills is running for Congress as a Republican, hoping to beat DFL Rep. Rick Nolan in the 8th Congressional District, which covers a large swath of northeastern Minnesota. Mills, vice president of his family's Mills Fleet Farm stores, says he has seen how government can hurt job growth. (07/08/2013)
The Drug Enforcement Agency confirmed the raid was part of Wednesday's nationwide crackdown targeting synthetic drug sales. (06/27/2013)
An increase in Minnesota's cigarette tax is giving a boost to electronic cigarettes as an alternative to traditional smoking. The number of Twin Cities shops selling the "e-cigs" has been rising, and shop owners credit the $1.60-a-pack tax increase that goes into effect July 1 for expanding interest. (06/24/2013)
Now that Republican U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann has said she won't run for re-election in Minnesota's 6th District, Democrats are looking for another target. They may have found one in U.S. Rep. John Kline, a Republican who for nearly a decade has represented Minnesota's 2nd District, which includes much of the southern Twin Cities suburbs. (06/17/2013)
Business is booming at Maplewood Tobacco, as a steady stream of customers tries to stock up before Minnesota's cigarette tax jumps $1.60 a pack on July 1. (06/07/2013)
The seeds of Michele Bachmann's announcement today to not seek re-election to her congressional seat may have been planted in Iowa more than a year ago. That's where Bachmann's run for the Republican presidential nomination briefly propelled her into frontrunner status. But it also dealt a severe blow to her political career back home and led to a series of investigations that are still underway. (05/29/2013)
A key source of revenue in the Minnesota's freshly minted budget is a new higher income tax rate that the top 2 percent of earners will pay. The tax increase moves the top rate from nearly 8 percent to 9.85 percent. (05/23/2013)