Cathy Wurzer Feature Archive

Today's Morning Edition music is from English singer Joe Cocker, who turns 70 years old today. This song "I Come in Peace" is from his 2012 album "Fire it Up." (05/20/2014)
California Chrome will be allowed to use a product developed in Minnesota during the Belmont Stakes after all. The trainer of the horse, which will be going for the Triple Crown on June 7, had threatened to withdraw from the race if California Chrome could not use the Flair Equine nasal strip. (05/20/2014)
Today's music is from Bob Dylan singing "Full Moon and Empty Arms," a song made popular by Frank Sinatra in 1945. Dylan posted the song earlier this week on his website. (05/16/2014)
The Minnesota Lynx begin their 2014 season in Washington tonight against the Mystics, hoping to repeat as WNBA champions. MPR's Cathy Wurzer spoke with Howard Sinker, a digital sports editor for the Star Tribune, about the season ahead for the Lynx. (05/16/2014)
MPR's Cathy Wurzer spoke with University of Minnesota Climatologist Mark Seeley about a cold and wet spring in much of Minnesota. He says May has been the eighth consecutive month of cooler than normal temperatures in the state, if trends continue through the end of the month. (05/16/2014)
The Mayo Clinic reports that a woman with a type of blood cancer went into remission after being injected with a huge dose of a re-engineered measles vaccine. We spoke with a clinical trials referral coordinator at the clinic to learn how subjects are chosen to be part of rests for treatments like this. (05/15/2014)
Today's music is from a song called "Fanny Pack" which is from an album released this week by the Minneapolis-based band Koo Koo Kanga Roo. The album entitled "Whoopty Whoop" is on Asian Man Records. (05/15/2014)
Today's Morning Edition music is David Byrne performing "Sympathy for the Devil" live with his latin funk band in 1992. We're playing it in honor of Byrne's 62nd birthday today. (05/14/2014)
Today's Morning Edition music is Michael Jackson singing "A Place With No Name," his reinterpretation of the 1972 hit song by America "A Horse With No Name." (05/13/2014)
State lawmakers have just one week left to finish their work and adjourn the 2014 session. MPR's Cathy Wurzer spoke with Minnesota Public Radio's Tim Pugmire, who covers the Capitol. (05/12/2014)
Today's Morning Edition music is from "High Ball Stepper" which is an instrumental track from Jack White's forthcoming "Lazaretto" album. (05/08/2014)
Today's Morning Edition music is from "Hey Girl" a new album by Sonny Knight and the Lakers. There will be an album release party tomorrow night at First Avenue in Minneapolis. (05/02/2014)
MPR's Cathy Wurzer spoke with University of Minnesota Climatologist Mark Seeley about the persistent cloudy and rainy weather across much of Minnesota this week. And he has some precipitation totals for the month of April, which included records for many spots in the state. (05/02/2014)
In real life, a grim and blunt medical verdict would send shock waves of fear and disbelief through a patient. In December 2010, Bruce Kramer heard such a diagnosis -- and the way it was delivered would go on to haunt him. (05/02/2014)
While the forecast is bad news for people looking forward to nice spring weather, it is good news for our groundwater resources. (05/01/2014)