Cathy Wurzer Feature Archive

An impressive list of musicians will take the stage to provide 28 hours of continuous drone music. The money raised will benefit Doctors Without Borders. (02/07/2014)
The opening ceremonies for the Winter Olympics in Sochi begin today. When the U.S. team marches into the stadium, Minnesota athletes will be well represented. One of the people who will be tracking those athletes is KARE-11 TV's Dave Schwartz. He spoke with MPR's Cathy Wurzer from Sochi. (02/07/2014)
MPR's Cathy Wurzer spoke with University of Minnesota Climatologist Mark Seeley about how cold this winter has been so far, and he answers a question about whether the cold has killed off agricultural pests. (02/07/2014)
Today's music is "The Root Beer Lady" from a new collection of music by the Twin Cities band Tree Party. The songs are all based on the true stories of remarkable people from Minnesota's history. They are collected on a CD entitled "Iced Over: Thawing Minnesota's Local Lore." Tree Party will perform the songs live at a CD release party on Sunday at the Cedar Cultural Center in Minneapolis. The Root Beer Lady in the song was Dorothy Molter who lived on Knife Lake in the Boundary Waters for 56 years. She was famous for her homemade root beer which she sold to passing canoeists. Molter was the last permanent resident of the BWCA. (02/06/2014)
Today's music is from 30 years ago today when "Karma Chameleon" by Culture Club was the number one song on the Billboard charts. (02/05/2014)
Morning Edition host Cathy Wurzer and Star Tribune digital sports editor Howard Sinker discuss the university of Minnesota Women's basketball team, which is struggling again this season. (01/31/2014)
Statewide observers reported mean monthly temperatures that ranged from 7 to 10 degrees colder than normal, ranking among the 3-4 coldest Januarys of the past 35 years. University of Minnesota meteorologist Mark Seeley discussed the weather with Morning Edition host Cathy Wurzer. (01/31/2014)
A new documentary tells the story of the Kim Loo Sisters who grew up in Minneapolis. They were a singing group that appeared on Broadway, on the radio and in the movies. They were among the first Asian-American performers to reach a mainstream audience. (01/31/2014)
Fifty years ago today, The Beatles recorded "Komm, Gib Mir Deine Hand," a version of "I Want to Hold Your Hand" translated into German. (01/29/2014)
MPR News' Cathy Wurzer spoke with Major General Rick Nash, who's Adjutant General of the Minnesota National Guard, about the future of the Minnesota National Guard in Afghanistan -- and beyond. (01/29/2014)
MPR News' Cathy Wurzer spoke with Howard Sinker, a digital sports editor for the Star Tribune, about who's hot, and not in the Minnesota sports scene. (01/28/2014)
Fourty years ago this week, "You're Sixteen" by Ringo Starr was the number one song on the Billboard charts. It was Ringo's second song to top the charts in his post-Beatles career. One of the muscians that helped Ringo with this recording was his old bandmate Paul McCartney. Paul and Ringo were together again last night. They both performed during the Grammy Awards. Ringo sang "Photograph" and then played the drums while McCartney debuted a new song. On this recording, from back in the 70s, McCartney is the one you hear playing the kazoo. (01/27/2014)
Little served as president of the Minnesota chapter of the NAACP for many years before retiring in 1993. (01/27/2014)
This unusually cold weather is making the ice thicker on parts of Lake Superior, and that's providing the opportunity to explore one of our region's most beautiful hidden winter gems. The sea caves of the Apostle Islands are accessible by foot for the first time since 2009. (01/27/2014)
Just back from the brink after a 14-month lockout, the Minnesota Orchestra has won the Grammy for Best Orchestral Performance. (01/26/2014)