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The five major announced DFL candidates seeking to unseat Republican Senator Rod Grams met for their first debate in Mankato. The candidates sought to distinguish themselves from one another but the task was complicated by their frequent agreement on the issues. Most of their harshest criticisms were directed at Senator Grams rather than each other. (01/19/2000)
Health experts at the Mayo Clinic have embarked on an effort to reverse the trend of obesity and heart disease in Olmsted County. They want to prove they can change the lifestyle of an entire community and decrease the rate of heart disease in the county. (12/21/1999)
Residents of the small town of Houston in southeastern Minnesota had to drive 10 to 15 miles to get their Thanksgiving turkeys this week. The only grocery store in this town of 1,000 closed its doors a little over a year ago. A group of residents has formed a co-op to try to re-open the store. The future of the town may be dependent on their success. (11/23/1999)
Those who want to protect privacy rights say plenty of other people want access to health data. They warn the possibility for large breaches of privacy increases as more health information is stored on computers. (11/15/1999)
Remains of Jessica Swanson found ten miles from her home. (08/28/1999)
Politicians and farmers are looking for support to ease the farm crisis, but many city dwellers aren't aware of the problem. (08/19/1999)
Governor Ventura wants to move to a unicameral legislature, but faces opposition in both the House and Senate. (08/17/1999)
Both the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra and the Minnesota Orchestra are looking for new conductors, but a national shortage of top-flight talent could make their search difficult. (08/13/1999)
Minnesota Public Radio is among the public broadcasting entities that says it once traded mailing lists with a political party. (07/23/1999)
At the first Citizens' Forum on agriculture, participants suggest an anti-trust investigation into agri-businesses. (06/15/1999)
Houston County takes the offensive against mosquitoes that have made it a breeding ground for encephalitis. (05/28/1999)
Researchers at the Mayo Clinic experiment with using pig organs in humans. Critics worry it'll also transplant diseases to humans. (05/11/1999)
A look at Latino migrants who've decided to take up residence in southeast Minnesota permanently. (05/03/1999)
Senior foster care is less expensive than nursing homes and proponents say the host families are better off too. (04/16/1999)
Le Center residents put last year's tornado behind them. (03/29/1999)