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Wanted a family
This is a Christmas story about a boy named Roger. Roger was put into foster care when he was 11 years old, and spent several years bouncing around various homes. He wanted to be adopted, and never gave up hope that he would find a family. (12/24/2007)
The latest documentary from American Radio Works "Wanted:Parents" follows two teenagers through their journey to find a forever-home before they age out of the foster care system. (11/05/2007)
Cecilia Ramon spent many years afraid. She grew up in Argentina during the "Dirty War" in the late 1970s and early '80s. She says she was afraid for so long that it's become a way of life for her. Now, living in Duluth, she's dealing with that fear through her art. (02/18/2007)
Baggers from the small town of Sandstone, Minnesota are dominating the state's grocery bagging championships. This year's winner heads to the national contest in Las Vegas next week. (01/25/2007)
Mark and Julie Adams have found life in Minnesota's north woods to be rewarding - and far from "simple." (07/08/1998)
Local residents meet the challeges of creating a non-bias learning environment. (05/21/1998)
The complex issues surrounding tribal sovereignty go back to the times of initial European contact and continue to evolve. (04/17/1998)
The town of Bovey mourns the loss of former police chief and writer Terry Wilkey. (03/13/1998)
The number of multiple births in the US has been climbing for the past two decades. (11/20/1997)
Four years ago, we reported on the opening of one of Minnesota's first charter schools in the tiny, remote town of Meadowlands. Four years later, there are 26 charter schools in Minnesota, and the little school in Meadowlands still survives. (10/07/1997)
Stories of bizarre varmints come to life at the Forest History Center. (08/08/1997)
"Come-a come-a come-a come-a come-a take a sauna with me / We'll let the steam go / And yump in the snow." (05/23/1997)
Who wins and who loses when states compete for new business and industry? And what policies are advisable as the use of tax and other incentives to lure economic development grows? (05/01/1996)