Brandt Williams Feature Archive

According to the charges, Michael John Merten III and Robert Hilgren got into a shouting match in the middle of Rice Street near County Road B2 in Little Canada. The complaint says Merten shoved Hilgren at least three times before pushing him into the path of an oncoming car. (08/22/2014)
Philip and Virginia Carlson were contractors who stole money from an office development project that was never finished. (08/21/2014)
In Minneapolis, some civil rights advocates worry that longstanding tensions between police and the African-American community could erupt along similar fault lines. Some fear that despite efforts by the police department to improve its relationship with the community, the problem persists. (08/15/2014)
The Mustafa family paid runners to get thousands of phones "through robberies, burglaries, shoplifting, and fraud and identity-theft schemes" and then sold the devices across the U.S. and overseas, the indictment charges. (08/12/2014)
The shooting, which police called gang related, was one of several violent confrontations between young Somali men in Minneapolis last year. (08/12/2014)
The nightclub, located a block from Target Field, has a history of violent incidents. (08/11/2014)
Defense attorney Thomas Kelly argued there was no evidence to show Robertson intended to intimidate anyone. (08/11/2014)
Under a new agreement between the city and the Animal Humane Society, new adopted dog owners can get two months of free training including a free 'human' training class. (08/08/2014)
Under the agreement, Johnson dismissed the complaint she filed last year, and the county admits no liability. In the four-page settlement agreement required reached quietly in April, the county paid Johnson $21,000 to compensate her for emotional damages. In return, Johnson agreed to retire. (08/06/2014)
According to police, much of the violence that plagues city communities is caused by young people involved with gangs who get guns. (08/01/2014)
Minneapolis activists say that the recent altercation between Al Flowers and Minneapolis police is part of a larger pattern. Police Chief Janee Hartea is asking for calm. (07/29/2014)
Brian Thole and Shawn Powell repeatedly used racial epithets and obscenities during a confrontation with a group of black men outside a Green Bay bar in the summer of 2013. (07/28/2014)
A document released by the city of Minneapolis shows the city provided free rent worth more than $250,000 for Major League Baseball's FanFest. (07/23/2014)
he game ends the nearly week long celebration of baseball. And officials with the city of Minneapolis and the Minnesota Twins say there will be lasting impact from the game for years to come. (07/16/2014)
Though the rules changed this year to showcase more players and speed up at-bats, the point of the derby remained the same: To win, a player had to hit the most home runs. (07/15/2014)