Brandt Williams Feature Archive

An agreement that delegated some of the Minnesota Department of Health's inspection duties to St. Paul city employees is being terminated. (07/03/2013)
Minneapolis police are investigating the death of a 9-year-old boy who was found hanging from a clothesline last week. (07/02/2013)
Safety officials are reminding Minnesotans to be careful around fireworks this Fourth of July holiday week. "Even the things we consider to be no big deal are really dangerous," one fire prevention educator says. (07/02/2013)
The number of abortions performed in Minnesota each year continues to drop, shows a report released Monday from the Minnesota Department of Health. (07/02/2013)
The recent shooting death of an African-American man by Minneapolis police officers has tattered the already-frayed ties between the city's black community and the Minneapolis Police Department. (06/28/2013)
North Minneapolis residents angry about the number of convicted sex offender being relocated to their neighborhoods called on local and state officials Tuesday night to find ways to stop the practice. (06/26/2013)
The Minnesota Court of Appeals has concluded that the trial court abused its discretion in the Amy Senser vehicular homicide trial, but the judge's errors were not enough to change the verdict. (06/24/2013)
Last year, 1,353 firearms in Minnesota were reported lost or stolen and logged into the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) database. (06/21/2013)
It's been nearly 60 years since streetcars last ran on tracks in Minneapolis, but they could once again roll through the city's busiest corridors. (06/18/2013)
Several public open houses this week are a chance for people to ask questions about the placement of 17 planned stations along the Southwest Light Rail Transit line. (06/17/2013)
The neighbors of an alleged Nazi war criminal living in northeast Minneapolis say they would have never guessed he might have such a dark past. (06/14/2013)
City elections officials want to make this fall's election go more smoothly than in past years. Plans focus on shortening wait times at Minneapolis polling places, increasing voter education efforts and reducing the amount of time it will take to count the cast ballots. (06/13/2013)
About 100 people gathered Thursday morning in St. Louis Park to view and discuss eight possible ways the Southwest Light Rail transit line can exist near freight rail lines. (06/13/2013)
Minneapolis city elections officials Wednesday announced several measures designed to reduce lines at polling places and shorten the time it takes to count ballots cast in this fall's municipal elections. (06/12/2013)
Prosecutors say 26-year-old Yia Her, of Oakdale, and his brother-in-law, 22-year-old Cheng Vang, of Minneapolis, confronted the owner of Malina's Sports Bar on North Dale Street just after closing time. (06/11/2013)