Brandt Williams Feature Archive

Students and activists across the state Tuesday protested the Missouri grand jury's decision. Rallies were peaceful, although a woman was hit by a car during a late afternoon rally in Minneapolis. (11/25/2014)
Relations between Minneapolis police and African-Americans have long been rocky. Police-involved shootings have sparked community unrest. (11/24/2014)
A North Oaks woman permanently blinded by an airbag says she doesn't want others to suffer the same fate. U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar has taken an interest in her case. (11/24/2014)
Police say two men were wounded after an apparent drug deal turned into an armed robbery. Shots were fired inside a car while a 2-year-old boy sat in the backseat. (11/24/2014)
Law enforcement says it stopped a violent gang feud that's killed and injured more than a dozen people in the metro area over the last several years. (11/21/2014)
Minnesota's DWI courts reduce repeat crimes and save taxpayers around $700,000 a year, according to a study released Wednesday. (11/19/2014)
The Hennepin County Attorney's office charged a 29-year-old St. Paul woman with murder Tuesday for the weekend shooting of another woman at Augies nightclub. (10/21/2014)
Minnesota offenders serve two-thirds of their sentences in prison and one-third on a form of parole. As a convicted sex offender, LaVelle Bible was ordered to serve an extra term. (10/17/2014)
According to the complaint, 46-year-old Michael Ralph Whitelaw allegedly failed to report more than $1 million worth of income over a three-year period. (10/15/2014)
Out of almost 800 complaints filed between Oct. 2012 and Sept. 30, 2014, most were resolved or dismissed before they reached Police Chief Janee Harteau's desk. (10/15/2014)
Hennepin County prosecutors have filed rape charges against a 22-year-old homeless man accused of assaulting two women in a downtown Minneapolis parking ramp earlier this week. (10/10/2014)
Keith Sandberg said the Colfax Avenue fire was the most intense he'd ever encountered. "You're going to do anything to get the kids out." (10/10/2014)
The ability to match casings left behind at shootings can provide valuable leads to solve crimes, officials say. (10/07/2014)
The union that represents county deputies endorsed Sheriff Rich Stanek's opponent, Eddie Frizell, a police and military veteran. (10/06/2014)
Police Chief Janee Harteau skipped a meeting because of a perceived threat. But community groups say they just wanted her to listen. (09/19/2014)