Brandt Williams Feature Archive

Under the new system, residents can combine all their recyclable refuse in one container without separating paper, plastic, glass and other items. (11/12/2012)
Company officials say after the expansion is done next summer, the company will be able to produce nearly a quarter of a million barrels of beer per year. (11/09/2012)
Voters across Minnesota turned out in record numbers on Election Day -- more than 2.9 million people. In Minneapolis, they were sometimes greeted by long times and balky machines. (11/08/2012)
Customers used the green bikes for almost 275,000 trips, the most for the non-profit group since it started renting bikes in 2010, said Nice Ride executive director Bill Dossett. (11/05/2012)
The Nice Ride bike sharing program is closing for the winter on Sunday. This year was the busiest season ever as customers used the bikes for nearly 275,000 trips in Minneapolis and St. Paul. (11/04/2012)
The Minneapolis City Council Friday morning passed a resolution honoring Police Chief Tim Dolan for his years of service. (11/02/2012)
Prosecutors have charged a 22-year-old man with fatally stabbing his mother and teenage nephew in their Minneapolis home. (10/31/2012)
After nearly 30 years on the force, Police Chief Tim Dolan is retiring at the end of this week. During the past six years with Dolan as chief, reported violent crime in the city has decreased. But over the years, Dolan has also faced criticism for budget problems and expensive officer misconduct settlements. (10/31/2012)
A face-to-face encounter between Democratic Fifth District Rep. Keith Ellison and Republican challenger Chris Fields was a much more subdued event than their previous debate when the candidates verbally attacked each other. (10/24/2012)
In a typical year, police officers in north Minneapolis respond to nearly 90,000 emergency calls usually more than any other precinct in the city. Officers say the majority of those calls involve addresses they've been to repeatedly, and that many of the calls are a drain on resources that could be used to fight more serious crime. (10/18/2012)
The director of Minneapolis emergency communications told members of the City Council Tuesday morning that the department needs more 911 operators to keep up with national standards. (10/16/2012)
The Minnesota Wild were supposed to kick off the 2012 home season with an opening night celebration in downtown St. Paul Saturday night. But an ongoing lockout will keep players off the ice for at least a few weeks. (10/12/2012)
Callers to 911 in Minneapolis will now hear a recorded message telling them to stay on the line if an operator doesn't immediately answer their call. (10/10/2012)
Crews will begin making final repairs next week to the Minneapolis bike and pedestrian bridge where support cables broke loose in February. (09/24/2012)
Minneapolis sets aside space for food trucks near the dome for hungry Vikings fans. (09/23/2012)