Brandt Williams Feature Archive

Mayor R.T. Rybak wants to know if the companies that manufacture the guns and ammunition for the city's police officers also are lobbying against tighter gun laws. (01/30/2013)
An advocacy group for Muslims in Minnesota has asked the FBI to investigate claims that some of its agents repeatedly tried to intimidate a Somali man. (01/30/2013)
Hennepin County prosecutors Tuesday charged a Maple Grove city council member with perjury and for financially exploiting her ailing father before he died last year. (01/29/2013)
A racketeering trial involving three members of a Native American gang began Monday morning in federal court. (01/28/2013)
The Minneapolis City Council on Friday approved a post-verdict settlement of $595,000 to a firefighter who successfully sued the city last month. (01/25/2013)
Officials with the Minneapolis Fire Department say one firefighter was injured battling a three-alarm blaze which heavily damaged two south Minneapolis businesses, including a popular pizza joint. (01/25/2013)
More than 20 years ago, the CDC angered gun rights supporters when it reported that a gun in the home is more likely to be used on the resident than on an intruder. Some Minnesota gun owners dispute the data, and say having a gun at home has helped them protect their families and their property. (01/17/2013)
The president of the National Rifle Association says he would like lawmakers to pay more attention to treatment for violent, mentally ill people rather than restrict gun rights. (01/14/2013)
Minnesota Rep. Betty McCollum joined three other House Democrats in asking Vice President Joe Biden to support the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's ability to research gun violence. (01/11/2013)
Policy makers, police and prosecutors from the Upper Midwest are holding a one-day gun summit in Minneapolis Thursday. (01/10/2013)
A study shows that nearly half of the firearms recovered from crime scenes in Minnesota were first bought locally. A regional conference on gun violence takes place in Minneapolis today. Attendees include law enforcement leaders, elected officials and scholars who study crime and violence are expected to participate and share information and examples of how to reduce gun violence. (01/10/2013)
City officials say violent crime in the city increased slightly 6 percent in 2012 over the previous year, when crime was at its lowest in decades. (01/04/2013)
A broken water main in downtown Minneapolis caused major hassles Thursday afternoon. The flood of water shut down several streets, caused Metro Transit buses to be rerouted and jammed up rush hour traffic. Some local businesses also had to close because they had no water. (01/03/2013)
A water main break at one of the busiest intersections in downtown Minneapolis is causing low water pressure for some downtown residents and businesses. (01/03/2013)
Hennepin County prosecutors have charged a Minneapolis man with two felony counts for allegedly leaving a loaded handgun within reach of his children. His 4-year-old son accidentally shot and killed his 2-year-old brother. (12/27/2012)