Brandt Williams Feature Archive

No criminal charges will be against Minneapolis police officers involved in the May 10 shooting death of Terrance Franklin, a Hennepin County Grand Jury decided Thursday. The family's attorney has said the family will consider asking for a federal investigation and may file a civil wrongful death lawsuit. (09/19/2013)
Boston Police Department Superintendent William Evans is in Minnesota to share lessons ahead of the Twin Cities Marathon. Evans ran the Boston Marathon and was then called to respond to the bombing soon after he finished the race. He led the city's emergency response to the bombing and was involved in the capture of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. (09/12/2013)
Franklin died of gunshot wounds after scuffling with police officers in the basement of a Minneapolis home. Two officers were also wounded during the confrontation. (09/12/2013)
A proposal to manage feral cats in Minneapolis drew passionate public testimony at City Hall today. One opponent of the measure said that cats are non-native to Minnesota and "meet the state's definition of an invasive species." The proposal will go to the full council for a vote Sept. 20. (09/11/2013)
Teenager who is suspected of accidentally shooting a baby in north Minneapolis has turned himself in. (09/10/2013)
A two-month old boy who was shot in the neck Thursday night inside a north Minneapolis home is in critical but stable condition. Police are searching for the baby's teenage uncle who they say accidentally fired the shot before fleeing the scene. (09/06/2013)
Minneapolis this week will begin removing stumps and repairing concrete walkways that were damaged during a June storm. City officials say they hope to have the work done by the first of November. (09/03/2013)
The City of Minneapolis has finished upgrading controllers that manage the flow of traffic in and out of downtown. The goal is to reduce commute times. (09/03/2013)
Minnesota State Troopers on Saturday will step up enforcement of the state's "move over" law to mark the anniversary of the death of a fellow trooper. (08/30/2013)
One of the proposed options for the Southwest Light Rail Transit line would destroy a huge swath of trees along the Kenilworth corridor of Minneapolis, a top planning official told members of the Metropolitan Council today. (08/28/2013)
The Met Council has proposed three options for the new rail line to be built from downtown Minneapolis to Eden Prairie. Two options involve tunnels -- either a shallow or a deep tunnel under part of the Kenilworth corridor in southwest Minneapolis. (08/28/2013)
A Shorewood woman is accused of killing her boyfriend and stashing his body in a freezer. (08/26/2013)
The State Fair now has 18 designated smoking areas, and opinions on the new rules were easy to find Thursday as excited fairgoers began trickling through the main gates on Dan Patch Avenue, searching for new attractions and old favorites on opening day. (08/22/2013)
Some members of the Minneapolis City Council asked pointed questions Wednesday about the city's new system of investigating civilian complaints against Minneapolis police officers. The city recently released a report that found that out of more than 300 complaints filed, so far, none of the cases reviewed by chief Janee Harteau has resulted in disciplinary action. (08/21/2013)
Some Minneapolis City Council members are skeptical of proposals to build tunnels through parts of the city for the Southwest Light Rail line. (08/20/2013)