Brandt Williams Feature Archive

A couple walking their dog in northeast Minneapolis on a spring night last year say they turned around to see a man they had just passed on the sidewalk pointing a gun in their direction. He said he was defending himself against their dog. (02/26/2014)
The Hennepin County Attorney's Office today charged a Minneapolis man with aiding and abetting the murder of a man in north Minneapolis last week. (02/25/2014)
Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman fears the incident will hurt prosecutors' efforts to convince people to cooperate with law enforcement -- and especially to come forward and testify in gang-related cases. (02/20/2014)
A pair of groups representing Minnesota law enforcement officers filed a lawsuit against the NFL today in Hennepin County District Court on the grounds that the league's ban on hand guns in stadiums should not apply to police officers. (02/18/2014)
"We want to ask these people how they are doing, how are they coping in the midst of the recent murder. We want to let people know they don't have to be hostage -- they don't have to be paralyzed by fear in their own community," said pastor Harding Smith (02/15/2014)
The court reversed a lower court ruling that questioned whether the deputy driving the marked SUV that struck a car driven by Jolene Vassallo should have been granted immunity. (02/12/2014)
According to court records, Olmsted County issued arrest warrants for 36-year-old Matthew Serbus and 34-year-old Dawn Pfister on Jan. 28, after they failed to appear at a hearing to face motor vehicle theft charges. (02/10/2014)
Two people are dead after a morning police chase and shooting on Highway 212 in the western suburbs of Minneapolis, the Minnesota State Patrol said Friday. (02/07/2014)
Residents can use the map to get daily updates about serious crimes such as assaults, robberies, homicides and burglaries reported throughout the city. (02/06/2014)
A Minneapolis precinct caucus that was shut down Tuesday after an altercation will reconvene in a few weeks, Ken Martin, chair of the Minnesota DFL said today. (02/05/2014)
Robberies rose 9 percent in St. Paul and nearly 8 percent in Minneapolis. People distracted by their phones are often targets. (02/04/2014)
MPR News examined hundreds of Hennepin County cases charged in adult court last year that involved gun-related crimes. In many cases, suspected gunmen are already legally banned from possessing guns. (01/23/2014)
Minneapolis police say shots were fired Wednesday as police and members of a U.S. Marshall's task force pursued a fugitive in northeast Minneapolis. (01/15/2014)
The number of burglaries was down, but there was an increase in shootings, particularly in north Minneapolis. (01/07/2014)
A body recovered at the site of a building explosion and fire in Minneapolis' Cedar-Riverside neighborhood on New Year's Day, was identified late Friday as Ahmed Farah Ali. (01/03/2014)