Brandt Williams Feature Archive

An admitted Minneapolis gang member convicted of several gun charges was sentenced to six years in prison Monday in Hennepin County District Court. (05/19/2014)
Target Field Station will function as a transit hub. The station includes a platform that will serve the new Green Line trains, which start running June 14 between downtown Minneapolis and St. Paul. (05/17/2014)
Starting in June, teams of law enforcement officers will patrol neighborhoods that have seen the most violence. (05/16/2014)
According to the complaint, 32-year-old Earl Vang was one of two men who shot and killed Miguel McElroy outside of a north Minneapolis convenience store on July 9, 1999. (05/16/2014)
They also are charged with giving the weapons to people they knew or should have known were under indictment and had been convicted of a crime and receiving and possessing firearms subject to interstate commerce. (05/15/2014)
Hennepin County prosecutors have charged two Minneapolis men with first-degree assault on a 9-year-old girl following an incident Sunday in which one of the men used bricks to smash its windows. (05/14/2014)
Under a bill approved Tuesday by both houses of the Legislature, people convicted of fifth degree assault, domestic assault or domestic assault by strangulation who are later arrested with firearms can now receive the harshest prison sentences allowed under state law. (05/14/2014)
The complaint contradicts police accounts which claim they shot Franklin after he managed to grab an officer's gun and wound two officers. (05/09/2014)
According to the charges, on Monday Neal Curtis Zumberge fired a 12-gauge shotgun at Todd Stevens, fatally wounding him. Zumberge, 57, also shot Jennifer Damerow Cleven, who survived, authorities said. (05/07/2014)
Most of the money for the stations came from a $220,000 grant from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, the rest came from the city and the Minnesota Department of Transportation. (05/07/2014)
Marion Guerrido, 23, faces misdemeanor charges for driving without a driver's license and driving without insurance, and a petty misdemeanor for not properly restraining one of the five children in the car. (05/07/2014)
The Minnesota House on Wednesday voted overwhelmingly to let judges demand that people served with domestic abuse protection orders surrender their guns. (04/30/2014)
About a dozen residents met with Minneapolis police officials last week to talk about a recent encounter with the police. Some say the underlying cause of such incidents is racial profiling - that police are targeting them because of the color of their skin. (04/29/2014)
Beacon Interfaith Housing Collaborative's director, Lee Blons, says Beacon has secured a site near Southdale Mall to provide housing and other services for suburban homeless youth. (04/28/2014)
Hennepin County Sheriff Rich Stanek says unused drugs are often misused, and misuse often leads to abuse of illegal drugs, such as heroin. (04/26/2014)