William Wilcoxen Feature Archive

An estimated 65,000 Minnesotans will be ineligible to cast ballots Tuesday because they've been convicted of crimes. But Minnesota does restorr the vote to ex-offenders once they've served their time and are released from parole or probation. (10/31/2008)
U.S. Senator Norm Coleman says the heated rhetoric of the campaign season may have fueled acts of vandalism at the homes of six Minnesota elected officials. (10/22/2008)
A new report issued Monday quantifies the potential benefits of getting more Americans to travel by foot or bicycle. (10/21/2008)
The Minnesota Vikings have evened their record at three wins and three losses and are now tied for first place in their division following yesterday's 12 to 10 victory over the Detroit Lions. (10/13/2008)
Female employees in the Star Tribune's mailroom complained about a hostile work environment, and claim the company did not take effective action. (09/30/2008)
The Minnesota Twins won their regular season finale by shutting out the Kansas City Royals six to nothing at the Metrodome, but they are still not sure if they are the American League's Central Division champions. (09/29/2008)
The number of Twin Cities sales in July increased 4.8 percent compared to last month, but sales are still down from last year. (08/13/2008)
Boosters of a plan to redevelop Fort Snelling's Upper Post say consolidating layers of bureaucracy could be the key to revitalizing the historic site. (07/29/2008)
Republican National Convention security organizers say nearly eighty agencies and jurisdictions will contribute 3,000 or more officers to police the event. (07/23/2008)
High food and fuel costs have led to the demise of the Twin Cities-based online grocery service Simon Delivers. (07/15/2008)
Saint Paul city officials will meet today with owners of a nightclub that remains closed after it was the scene of a fatal shooting last month. (07/01/2008)
The St. Paul City Council has agreed to let some of the city's bars stay open until 4 a.m. during the Republican National Convention. (06/26/2008)
The high cost of diesel fuel is leading the trucking industry to lobby for new national standards. Trucking companies are making changes to improve mileage, including having drivers lower their speeds. (06/12/2008)
Flooding on the Mississippi River is prompting the Army Corps of Engineers to close a nearly two-hundred mile section of the river to barge traffic. The Corps plans to close several locks and dams in Illinois and Missouri beginning Thursday. (06/11/2008)
Officials estimated that 30,000 to 40,000 people stood in a line that snaked through the heart of St. Paul. Many in the line said they were drawn to the event because they felt it was a chance to be part of history. (06/04/2008)