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Karen Louise Boothe Feature Archive

A situation in Golden Valley symbolizes the problem with sheltering the homeless. (06/03/1999)
MPR's Karen Louise Boothe looks at why Governor Ventura has made some enemies during his first 100 days in office. (04/16/1999)
Critics say Ventura's cabinet is too white and too metro to represent Minnesotans. (04/02/1999)
In a recent trip to what remains of Yugoslavia, MPR's Karen Louise Boothe met a group of ethnic-Serbian women who were left homeless by the war in Bosnia and Croatia that began in 1992. Today, the women still live as refugees without a country they can officially claim as home. (03/24/1999)
Leaders of non-profit agencies lobby for a restoration of budget cuts. (03/19/1999)
"Profiles of Learning" dominates discussion . (02/16/1999)
Replace entire Minnesota Pollution Control Agency board; Permanent moratorium on feedlots. (09/11/1998)
Phase-out nuclear power; Greater stress on energy conservation. (09/11/1998)
Increase funding to State Gang Task Force; propose more programs geared at children. (09/01/1998)
Prevent juvenile crime enforcing truancy laws; create more victim-aid centers. (09/01/1998)
Demand return for state investment in private business; advocate fair farm policies. (08/26/1998)
Moratorium on large scale feedlots; provide affordable housing for workers. (08/26/1998)
Stonger consumer recourse towards HMOs; require all businesses to provide health care for every employee. (08/20/1998)
Sue Medicare to provide equal support to Minnesota seniors; create a purchasing pool to reduce prescription drug prices. (08/20/1998)
Spend more on welfare reform; expanded programs for working parents. (08/10/1998)