Mark Steil Feature Archive

Minnesota farmers are near finishing spring planting, but it's been a struggle. Rain has delayed work in many parts of the state. Farmers in other states face the same problem and grain traders are starting to worry that the harvest may be affected. (06/04/2013)
The sale of one of the nation's largest meatpackers to a Chinese company is being watched closely in a southwest Minnesota community. (05/29/2013)
The U.S. Senate took up the farm bill last week but has yet to take a final vote on the legislation. Funding for food stamps is one area of contention. (05/26/2013)
Minnesota farmers took advantage of good weather last week to plant more than half their corn crop. (05/20/2013)
As the Minnesota Senate debated the same-sex marriage bill Monday, some of our reporters in greater Minnesota asked state residents what they thought of the legislation. (05/13/2013)
After a summer of drought and a winter that seemed endless, Minnesota farmers welcomed some decent planting weather over the past week. Even though planting is now running behind, farmers still believe they will see a good crop. (05/10/2013)
The FBI believes "a terror attack was disrupted" when authorities arrested a man after they converged on a mobile home in western Minnesota that contained Molotov cocktails, suspected pipe bombs and firearms, the agency said Monday. (05/06/2013)
After an ice storm earlier this month caused damages estimated at $26 million, Gov. Mark Dayton is asking for a presidential disaster declaration for a five-county area of southwest Minnesota. (04/26/2013)
Federal disaster officials will be in southwest Minnesota this week to assess damage from a recent ice storm in that part of the state. (04/22/2013)
State officials say Minnesota's anhydrous ammonia plants are regularly inspected for their handling of the popular farm fertilizer, one of the suspected causes of Wednesday's deadly explosion in West, Texas. (04/18/2013)
State officials have asked the Federal Emergency Management Agency to assess ice storm damage in southwest Minnesota, the first step towards a possible presidential disaster declaration for the region. (04/17/2013)
State and federal officials toured ice storm damage on Saturday in southwestern Minnesota, where government and business representatives estimate it will cost more than $10 million to clean up tree limbs and restore power. (04/13/2013)
Disposing of debris is one of the big issues facing ice-storm-damaged southwest Minnesota. (04/12/2013)
A survey of more than 1,300 crop farms in Minnesota shows they earned record income in 2012. (04/11/2013)
A late winter storm is hitting Worthington, Minnesota and the surrounding area hard with ice and power outages. MPR's Cathy Wurzer spoke with Minnesota Public Radio Worthington bureau reporter Mark Steil about the latest. (04/11/2013)