Mark Steil Feature Archive

A Minnesota native will find out if she wins another Grammy. (01/26/2014)
The news is a relief for Alejandro Cruz Blanco, Simon Cruz Perez, and for hundreds of supporters in the town of St. James, Minn. who rallied behind them. Cruz Blanco, right, received a kidney transplant four years ago. His doctor described a return to Mexico as "certain death" for him. (01/07/2014)
The plant in Le Sueur, Minn. uses tiny organisms to break down a a slurry of corn silage and manure to create methane gas to fuel four electricity generators that will send eight megawatts directly to the city's distribution system. (01/05/2014)
Local leaders in southwestern Minnesota cheered when tractor manufacturer AGCO announced plans to expand operations and add jobs. Then the worrying began: Where would the new workers live? (12/25/2013)
Some experts question whether plants that make ethanol from corn stalks and wood chips can be viable without long-term government support. (12/17/2013)
More than 100 miles of pipe have been laid in South Dakota and Iowa for the Lewis & Clark Regional Water System. But not a drop of water has crossed into Minnesota. (12/02/2013)
A federal Environmental Protection Agency proposal to lower ethanol use in gasoline next year has upset grain farmers and drawn praise from oil and livestock producers. The change would reduce market demand for corn purchased to make the fuel, forcing already low corn prices even lower. (11/15/2013)
Hunters killed more than 40 wolves in northern Minnesota during the first weekend of the wolf season, Department of Natural Resources data show. (11/12/2013)
The big crop has sent the price of corn plummeting, and that's cut costs for the beleaguered biofuel industry and others that rely on the grain. (11/08/2013)
Green Plains Renewable Energy announced it purchased the BioFuel Energy facility in Fairmont, Minn. The ethanol plant has been closed for nearly 14 months. (11/05/2013)
Gov. Mark Dayton signed an emergency order Oct. 23 to allow truckers to work longer hours than normal delivering propane. That effort has helped, but not everywhere. (11/03/2013)
Federal funding for the massive Lewis & Clark water project has been cut back sharply. Cities, water utilities and other project participants are scrambling to find construction funds elsewhere. (10/20/2013)
The Lewis & Clark Regional Water System is supposed to deliver Missouri River water to southwest Minnesota. But construction ended when Congress failed to deliver promised funding. (10/20/2013)
For livestock producers, the trends are a welcome relief after some tough years. They buy a lot of grain to feed their animals and the falling prices will reduce their costs and boost profits. But for grain farmers, slipping prices will shrink profit margins. (10/15/2013)
A University of Minnesota study finds that a person would have to eat almost their body weight in vegetables every day to approach unhealthy levels of antibiotics. (09/28/2013)