Mark Steil Feature Archive

Earlier this month, state officials announced that the H5N2 virus had killed 15,000 turkeys on a Pope County farm. (03/16/2015)
To settle a federal lawsuit, Gaylord and Sibley County officials agreed to pay $20,000 each to Jesus Manuela Mendoza Sierra. Officials also agreed to recruit minorities and Spanish speakers. (03/04/2015)
Minnesota corn farmers are expected to lose money this year. That's causing a lot of concern among farmers as they negotiate spring planting loans with lenders. (02/10/2015)
The Marshall project, a 500-acre solar panel complex, is part of a state push to generate more electricity. But area residents say it is too much for a rural setting. (01/21/2015)
The frozen meal maker began operations in south central nearly two decades ago. (01/16/2015)
Low prices for corn and a smaller than expected harvest in 2014 have combined to cause a big drop in the value of Minnesota's largest cash crop. (01/13/2015)
From southwest Minnesota and across the state, greater Minnesota lawmakers have come to the Capitol hoping to help their communities. The new legislative session starts today. (01/06/2015)
Soldiers hanged 38 Dakota on Dec. 26, 1862, for alleged crimes committed in a six-week war the previous summer. (12/26/2014)
Congress blocked the EPA from adopting a proposed Clean Water Act Rule that would have allowed the agency to regulate areas that held water temporarily, including puddles. (12/18/2014)
Minnesota farm and business interests praised President Barack Obama's announcement of normalized relations with Cuba. But they said only ending the U.S. embargo of Cuba would bring real change. (12/17/2014)
The railroad blames heavy shipping demand and bad weather for significant rail shipping delays last winter -- delays that cost farmers, coal companies, utilities, and grain businesses hundreds of millions of dollars. (12/14/2014)
The number of farm loans requiring adjustments are at historic lows. But many crop farmers likely will lose money on their corn harvest this year because of low prices. (12/03/2014)
The main problem is corn, with about four percent of the state's crop still in the field. (11/29/2014)
Minnesota yields were below expectations in parts of state. But a big U.S. harvest has cut grain prices. Farmers are weighing how to cut costs next year. (11/09/2014)
Collisions between farm machinery and power poles seem to be on the rise in rural Minnesota. Some worry it's just a matter of time before someone gets seriously hurt. (10/21/2014)