Mark Steil Feature Archive

Minnesota farmers may have turned the corner on what has been a frustrating spring planting season so far. MPR's Cathy Wurzer spoke with reporter Mark Steil about that and other agricultural issues in his area of southwestern Minnesota. (05/18/2011)
A new MPCA report essentially blames farmers for the sediment that is choking Lake Pepin, a wide part of the Mississippi River. But some farmers and researchers say more precipitation is to blame. (05/12/2011)
In court documents, Xcel says enXco failed to resolve regulatory concerns involving federally protected birds, like the whooping crane and the piping plover which might be harmed by the wind farm. (05/05/2011)
Minnesota farmers are finding the best field conditions of the spring this week, and planting activity is ramping up across the state. (05/05/2011)
Higher hog and cattle prices are expected to increase grocery store meat prices sharply this year. (04/25/2011)
Budget cuts claim men's and women's swimming and women's bowling as school looks for $3 million in savings. (04/21/2011)
Many first-year Republicans in the Minnesota Legislature say they won't give in to Gov. Mark Dayton's call to raise taxes on the wealthy. But today, two new lawmakers from Republican districts found people are more concerned about budget cuts than tax hikes. (04/19/2011)
With both farm profits and federal budget deficits soaring, even strong congressional supporters of farm subsidies say cuts are coming in the 2012 budget. (04/18/2011)
The investor behind the delayed Elk Run biobusiness park in southeast Minnesota says he's still confident the hi-tech venture will be built. (04/08/2011)
After a six-year eradication effort, the state veterinarian says cattle herds in northwest Minnesota are free of bovine tuberculosis. (04/08/2011)
Based on a survey of 2,500 farms, the average farmer made almost $120,000. Rising grain and livestock prices were the main reason for the fat profits. (04/07/2011)
The whooping crane and piping plover puts plans for the $400 million, 150-megawatt Merricourt Wind Project on hold. (04/07/2011)
The predicted second crest of the Minnesota River will cause problems for residents of two southwest Minnesota communities. (04/04/2011)
The United Methodist Church in Ceylon will hold its last service on Sunday, a victim of the population decline in rural and southern Minnesota. (04/01/2011)
Corn prices surged 5 percent Thursday after the U.S. Agriculture Department said the nation's corn supply is shrinking. (03/31/2011)