Mark Steil Feature Archive

Fallout from the collapse of MF Global is spreading worldwide, including to grain elevators and commodity traders in Minnesota, who have had funds frozen that the grain traders say they need to stay in business. (11/10/2011)
Some Minnesota grain elevators have found themselves dragged by the bankruptcy of MF Global. The two are linked by grain futures contracts. (11/09/2011)
Minnesota farmers saw this year's weather problems reflected in the U.S. Department of Agriculture reduced harvest estimate. (11/09/2011)
Minnesota Public Radio's Mark Steil reports on the news in southwestern Minnesota. One of the stories he's been following is a new report out this morning from the U.S. Agriculture Department. It's the agency's latest estimate of the size of the harvest. And he has news about a town where no one, apparently, wants to run for office. He checked in with Morning Edition host Cathy Wurzer. (11/09/2011)
Much of Minnesota has gone from too wet to too dry, as spring floods have given way to fall drought. The quick turn to dry conditions this summer helped and hurt farmers. (11/08/2011)
Home values continue to fall in Minnesota, but the value of farmland has rapidly grown, spurred by very profitable grain prices. Now, vigorous debate abounds over whether agricultural land is another real estate bubble waiting to be burst. (10/24/2011)
The industry is not as strong as it was a few years ago, and no one knows if organic sales will return to the double-digit growth of the pre-recession years. (10/17/2011)
The U.S. Department of Agriculture's latest harvest estimate for Minnesota shows the September frost may not have caused as much damage as first feared. (10/12/2011)
Cargill, the Minnesota-based food processor, is still dealing with a recent outbreak of salmonella contamination in some of its ground turkey products. The company's response to the contamination is getting high marks, and could change the way the meat processing industry operates. (10/06/2011)
The U.S. Department of Agriculture has certified that Minnesota has no bovine tuberculosis anywhere in the state. (10/05/2011)
A drop in milk exports could mean troubled times ahead for dairy farmers, and Minnesota Rep. Collin Peterson says they need new protection against market instability. (10/05/2011)
A farmer in southwestern Minnesota faces charges that he destroyed more than 1,000 federally protected pelican nests last spring, on land he rents near the town of Minnesota Lake. (10/05/2011)
A report released early today paints a gloomy future for cellulosic ethanol, saying that the renewable fuel is unlikely to become a major source of energy for the U.S. (10/04/2011)
About 600 pigs were stolen in Kandiyohi County in August. This month about 150 hogs disappeared from a Nicollet County farm. (09/28/2011)
A Minnesota farmer will be arraigned Wednesday on misdemeanor charges for illegally selling unpasteurized milk. (09/27/2011)