Mark Steil Feature Archive

The National Weather Service is warning Minnesota residents that fire conditions could be high through Saturday. (04/06/2012)
A major conversion to a Minnesota ethanol plant in a couple of months could spark change for the state's $3 billion ethanol industry. (04/05/2012)
The Environmental Protection Agency this week started registering suppliers, but gasoline sellers say it could be some time before gasoline with 15 percent ethanol sees wide distribution. (04/03/2012)
The U.S. Department of Agriculture forecasts Minnesota farmers will plant 7 percent more corn this year, but soybean and wheat acres will decline. (03/30/2012)
Mid-March is generally a time when snow still covers this high ground along the Buffalo Ridge in southwestern Minnesota. But this year, all the past rules about spring weather seem to have disappeared. (03/30/2012)
Farmers had another strong financial year in 2011 according to study of about 2,400 farms across the state. (03/28/2012)
An official with the Sierra club responded to the new voluntary guidelines to protect birds at wind power sites. (03/23/2012)
Getting a taste of what may be ahead, firefighters Monday battled a wildfire which destroyed several buildings near Milan in southwest Minnesota. (03/21/2012)
The Minnesota boys' state high school basketball tournament celebrates its 100th year this week with games that start today. In that long history is a memorable win that came 42 years ago this evening, when a team from tiny Sherburn in southwestern Minnesota knocked off metro powerhouse South St. Paul for the championship. (03/21/2012)
A shortfall in federal funding has slowed construction of a massive water supply system for southwest Minnesota and other areas. (03/15/2012)
Nearly two dozen insect experts have signed a letter to the EPA urging action on an emerging threat to corn crops. (03/12/2012)
Each week we check in with one of our reporters who's based outside the Twin Cities, to find out what's going on in their area. Today, Mark Steil fills us in about the southwestern part of Minnesota. One of the stories he's been following is the big jump in beef prices at the grocery store. (03/08/2012)
A Jackson County resident has pleaded guilty to illegally shooting a cougar in southwest Minnesota. (03/05/2012)
In Worthington, economic development officials are trying to build on a small but growing biosciences niche. It's been a long haul. (03/02/2012)
After predicting they would survive the end of a major federal subsidy without problems, officials at the nation's ethanol producers may have been too optimistic. (02/28/2012)