Mark Steil Feature Archive

Legislation on its way to the U.S. House includes a moratorium on rural post office closings, which could keep dozens operating in Minnesota. (04/26/2012)
In what could be a bellwether for the industry, low ethanol prices and high production costs contributed to a big first-quarter loss for the owner of an ethanol plant in northwest Minnesota. (04/26/2012)
A new study published today in Nature, the international weekly journal of science, concludes that organic farming methods produce less food per acre than conventional practices. (04/25/2012)
New Ulm wrestler Ali Bernard fell short in her attempt to return to the Olympics this summer. (04/23/2012)
An Olympic athlete from New Ulm resumes her quest for a gold medal this weekend. Ali Bernard, 26, is the only woman from Minnesota to qualify for the U.S. women's wrestling team tryouts in Iowa City this weekend. (04/20/2012)
The latest crop report says through last Sunday farmers had planted 56 percent of their spring wheat. One year ago none of the crop was in the ground. (04/18/2012)
The pace of spring planting is picking up across Minnesota now that an important deadline for crop insurance coverage has passed. But the push to plant the state's $7 billion corn probably won't be the all-out rush expected a few weeks ago. (04/11/2012)
The head of the Minneapolis Federal Reserve Bank said improving economic conditions could accelerate when the Fed pushes interest rates higher. (04/10/2012)
The National Weather Service is warning Minnesota residents that fire conditions could be high through Saturday. (04/06/2012)
A major conversion to a Minnesota ethanol plant in a couple of months could spark change for the state's $3 billion ethanol industry. (04/05/2012)
The Environmental Protection Agency this week started registering suppliers, but gasoline sellers say it could be some time before gasoline with 15 percent ethanol sees wide distribution. (04/03/2012)
The U.S. Department of Agriculture forecasts Minnesota farmers will plant 7 percent more corn this year, but soybean and wheat acres will decline. (03/30/2012)
Mid-March is generally a time when snow still covers this high ground along the Buffalo Ridge in southwestern Minnesota. But this year, all the past rules about spring weather seem to have disappeared. (03/30/2012)
Farmers had another strong financial year in 2011 according to study of about 2,400 farms across the state. (03/28/2012)
An official with the Sierra club responded to the new voluntary guidelines to protect birds at wind power sites. (03/23/2012)