Mark Steil Feature Archive

The weather, especially the drought, has been a major topic at Farmfest, the big agricultural trade show that wrapped up Thursday. (08/10/2012)
Kurt Bills, the Republican-endorsed candidate for U.S. Senate took aim at Democratic U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar on Tuesday for her support of a farm bill that recently passed the Senate. (08/08/2012)
On top of a punishing drought, corn rootworm is adding to crop damage in parts of Minnesota and elsewhere -- even though the plants are supposed to be immune from the bug. (08/03/2012)
More than half the United States is in drought, including parts of southern and western Minnesota. But even in areas where there's been enough rain, the dry weather is causing severe financial pain in Minnesota's $6 billion dollar livestock industry. (07/27/2012)
In some parts of Minnesota, crops continue to deteriorate because of hot, dry weather. The worst-hit areas of southwest Minnesota have corn fields that will yield half the crop that had been expected -- or less. (07/24/2012)
A report released this afternoon shows continued slow decline in Minnesota's corn and soybean crops because of dry weather. (07/23/2012)
MPR's Mark Steil speaks with Tom Crann of All Things Considered regarding the drought that affects parts of northwest, southwest and southeast Minnesota. (07/20/2012)
Drought conditions in the Midwest are intensifying and starting to affect Minnesota crops, as both corn and soybeans took a step backwards over the last week. (07/17/2012)
"Knee high by the Fourth of July." There's no clear explanation when, where or why the phrase started. It sticks around as a simple rhyme that people love to say. But the phrase has outlived its usefulness. (07/06/2012)
Fines for transporting invasive species in Minnesota doubled on July 1, and DNR officers are checking boats for violations over the holiday period. (07/04/2012)
Recent rains have boosted Minnesota corn farmers' prospects for 2012 and drought conditions elsewhere could drive up the prices they will be able to get this fall. (06/29/2012)
Three people have been charged with stealing $1.6 million in meat over several years from a southwest Minnesota packing plant. (06/27/2012)
A dispute over a proposed bioenergy plant in Le Sueur could be headed to court after the city council refused to block the facility. (06/26/2012)
Minnesota's $2.5 billion hog industry is on the defensive, with farmers under growing pressure to change how they raise pigs. At issue is the widespread practice of housing pregnant sows in stalls (06/25/2012)
A Monday evening hail storm caused widespread crop damage in southern Minnesota. (06/20/2012)