Elizabeth Stawicki Feature Archive

Minnesota Human Services Commissioner Lucinda Jesson will testify before a joint congressional hearing Wednesday about accountability in Minnesota's Medicaid program in a controversy that is only the latest in a long line of skirmishes between states and the federal government over Medicaid funding. (04/24/2012)
Minnesota will turn over to the federal government about $15 million in Medicaid money donated to the state by an HMO last year. (04/23/2012)
Some Republican state lawmakers want the Minnesota human services commissioner to have a contingency plan in place if the federal health care law's Medicaid expansion is either struck down or repealed. (04/08/2012)
The state's largest physician group, the Minnesota Medical Association, says doctors and clinics that treat Medicaid and MinnesotaCare patients should get a share of an estimated extra $35 million coming into the state's coffers this summer. (04/06/2012)
Four big Minnesota HMOs will repay the state an estimated $73 million as a result of a negotiated cap on profits earned on government health programs. (04/03/2012)
A physicians group is recognizing HealthPartners and St. Paul's Regions hospital for a program they've instituted to reduce the number of preventable hospital visits for high-risk patients. (04/02/2012)
A nationwide study that relied partly on Twin Cities-area data finds a relatively low-cost treatment given to patients experiencing chest pains appears to reduce the risk of cardiac arrest or death. (03/28/2012)
Other states are likely to be affected more if the Supreme Court dismantles the health care reform overhaul, but Minnesotans still have reason to pay attention. The high court on Monday begins hearings on a challenge to the law. (03/26/2012)
The second anniversary of the Affordable Care Act brought out a flurry of rallies from those who like - and dislike - President Barack Obama's controversial health care law. (03/23/2012)
Hennepin County authorities are setting up permanent medication drop-off locations to collect unused and expired prescription drugs - particularly pain medications. (03/02/2012)
Rochester-based Mayo Clinic is expanding into the Georgia market for the first time. Mayo is now the parent company of Satilla Regional Health Services, which serves patients in nine southeastern Georgia counties. (03/02/2012)
The Citizens League and the Bush Foundation will be reaching out to gather community views this spring on how Minnesota should carry out health care reform. (03/02/2012)
Investment banking firm Piper Jaffray Companies on Thursday responded to speculation about a takeover by saying the company intends to remain independent. (03/01/2012)
The Minnesota agency overseeing a key part of the federal health care law says it'll turn down about $3 million in federal grant funds. (02/28/2012)
The agreement will allow residents who live in one state and work in the other to file just a single income tax return beginning next year. (02/28/2012)