Stephen Smith Feature Archive

As our economy hints at deflation, we might ask ourselves, "Have we seen this before?" (03/18/1998)
The ban on federal funding of embryo research slows medical advances for the infertile. (02/05/1998)
Laws to ban human cloning could have an impact on treatments for infertile couples. (01/09/1998)
Stephen Smith's ongoing documentary on the social implications of infertility and the advanced reproductive techniques designed to correct the problem. (11/20/1997)
Narcolepsy affects a quarter of a million Americans. Learn what it's like to suffer from this deceptive disease, and visit a kennel of narcoleptic dogs where scientists unravel the mysteries of sleep. Site includes movies and audio. (09/02/1997)
Learn about our "circadian rhythms" - the human body's instinctive urge to sleep at night - and hear how sleep researchers and night-shift workers are trying to thwart them. (06/05/1997)
Mike Masterson, a professor of music in Powell, Wyoming, has recreated the repetoire of Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show. Stephen Smith reports. (05/20/1997)
Movies, audio, and a Web magic lantern show pull you into the life and work of Frances Densmore whose monumental collection of Native American music from the early 20th century has been deemed a national treasure. (02/01/1997)
A Southern tradition brims with life in the Twin Cities. Hear the sounds of shaped-note singing in this special feature. (12/01/1996)
Follow a trail of clues through war-ravaged Sarajevo with journalist Michael Montgomery as he unravels the true story of how the war in Bosnia claimed a friend's life. (09/08/1996)