Rob Schmitz Feature Archive

As the state workers strike enters its second week, developmentally disabled patients in state-run treatment homes have National Guard troops as replacements for their normal care providers. Many striking employees of these homes feel they've been placed in a difficult position. (10/08/2001)
Last spring, the Winona Area Public School District threatened to shut down Ridgeway Elementary, the smallest and most remote school in the district, because of low enrollment. In response, the community of Ridgeway and local educators worked together to revive the school by applying for--and then receiving--charter status. Mainstreet Reporter Rob Schmitz reports on how making the transition to charter kept a small school alive. (10/05/2001)
In 1986, the city of La Crosse, Wis. was involved in a lawsuit that threatened the removal of a Ten Commandments monument in a public park. The city prevailed and the monument remained, but 15 years later the controversy has returned, spurred by similar cases across the nation. Currently there are nine legal cases challenging Ten Commandments monuments across the country. What some see as a legal violation, others view as a symbol of our nation's roots. (09/10/2001)