Tom Scheck Feature Archive

MPR's Tom Scheck sums up the week's events at the Capitol. (03/15/2013)
Gov. Mark Dayton's revised budget plan relies on higher income taxes for the state's top earners and an increased cigarette tax to erase a projected deficit and increase spending for education. The revised plan does not include a sales tax on services and does away with Dayton's earlier $1.4 billion plan to give homeowners a $500 property tax credit. Dayton said increasing taxes on the wealthy is a matter of fairness. (03/14/2013)
A Minnesota Senate committee approved a bill Thursday that would put a five-year moratorium on wolf hunting in Minnesota. (03/14/2013)
Gov. Mark Dayton has no plans to capitulate on his proposal to raise income taxes on top earners to erase the state's projected $627 million deficit and provide more money for education. (03/13/2013)
The chair of a key legislative committee says supporters of a plan that relies on more than $500 million to help the Mayo Clinic expand in Rochester should go back to the drawing table. In a hearing Tuesday, House Taxes Committee chair Ann Lenczewski said she has deep concerns about the plan's financing. (03/12/2013)
Gov. Mark Dayton says his revised budget plan will include the same spending increases for education and economic development as his original proposal from six weeks ago, but he's hinting that the $500 property tax rebate from his first plan is likely to be scrapped. (03/12/2013)
Dayton says the plan will include funds to renovate the Minneapolis Veterans Home and the expansion of civic centers in Mankato, Rochester and St. Cloud. (03/12/2013)
Committees in the House and Senate will hold hearings today on a bill that would legalize same-sex marriage in Minnesota. Groups on both sides of the issue are especially focused on newly elected Democrats from rural Minnesota. (03/12/2013)
A bill that would require Minnesota hospitals to meet national standards on nurse staffing appears headed for a roadblock in the Legislature. (03/10/2013)
Supporters of a bill that would require constitutional officers, state lawmakers and other public officials to disclose more about their sources of income may have to wait another year. (03/09/2013)
A Minnesota House committee today approved a bill that would allow higher contributions to political candidates running for state office. (03/07/2013)
A bipartisan group of lawmakers Wednesday announced a bill that aims to toughen penalties for criminals who carry guns. (03/06/2013)
The chief sponsor of a bill that would require universal background checks for gun buyers is not backing down, despite signs the measure doesn't have enough support to pass the House. A bipartisan group of lawmakers will announce today a separate gun bill that does not include universal background checks. The dispute is creating a rift between two powerful DFL legislators. (03/06/2013)
A bill that would allow in-home child care providers and home care assistants for adults to decide whether they want to join a union was given its first hearing in a Minnesota Senate committee today. (03/04/2013)
Committees in the Minnesota House and Senate will hold hearings this week on raising the state's minimum wage. (02/24/2013)