Tom Scheck Feature Archive

For two decades, cities and counties have lobbied the Legislature to stop forcing local governments to pay sales tax on purchases. They argued that it's silly to require local governments to pay sales taxes that ultimately get paid through the property taxes they collect. The Legislature passed a law this year that exempts that sales tax starting on January 1. But there now appears to be some confusion over what is taxed and what isn't. (07/26/2013)
President Barack Obama has signed a disaster declaration for 18 counties in Minnesota, making millions of dollars in federal aid available to help the state recover from June storms. (07/25/2013)
Five years after the narrowest of victories against incumbent GOP Sen. Norm Coleman , Sen. Al Franken re-election race nears. But so far, the only Republicans challenging him are a businessman with no political experience and a state lawmaker best known for bucking his party. (07/24/2013)
Governor Dayton is due back in Minnesota this evening after leaving the state this morning to convince an unnamed business to expand or relocate to Minnesota. (07/24/2013)
DFL Sens. Amy Klobuchar and Al Franken are recommending President Obama nominate attorney Andrew Luger to be the next U.S. Attorney for Minnesota. (07/23/2013)
Former state Rep. Phil Krinkie is running for Congress in Minnesota's 6th District. Krinkie will officially announce his bid for Congress at the Sherburne County fair tomorrow in Elk River. (07/19/2013)
Gov. Mark Dayton is asking for federal disaster relief after the late June storms. (07/17/2013)
Minnesota's Legislative Auditor is raising questions about how well the state's accounting system is working. (07/17/2013)
State Sen. Julie Rosen, R-Fairmont, says she's strongly considering a run for governor but isn't ready to announce anything soon. Rosen didn't say when she'll make a final decision. (07/12/2013)
Attorneys for the Minnesota Senate say they intend to ask a federal judge to impose sanctions against attorneys for former Senate staffer Michael Brodkorb. (07/11/2013)
The leader of a group that successfully lobbied to make same-sex marriage legal in Minnesota has been hired to help get the law passed in other states. (07/09/2013)
A plan to renovate the State Capitol hit a snag Monday after Gov. Mark Dayton, state lawmakers and other members of the Capitol Preservation Commission objected with concerns over both the short-term and long-term plans for the building. (07/08/2013)
State Sen. Dave Thompson, R-Lakeville, announced today that he's resigning his leadership position in the Minnesota Senate. (07/03/2013)
The state's labor unions had a big year at the Capitol. New state employee contracts, labor peace deals, unemployment aid for locked out workers and bills that let day care providers unionize all passed into law. (07/02/2013)
Republicans in the Minnesota Legislature are marking the start of the state's budget year by criticizing tax hikes enacted by Democrats. (07/01/2013)