Tom Robertson Feature Archive

A few Ojibwe tribal members spent part of the weekend protesting Minnesota's first managed wolf hunt, which began Saturday. (11/04/2012)
A DNR website shows that 33 wolves have been killed by hunters since the state's first managed wolf season opened on Saturday. (11/04/2012)
Minnesota's inaugural wolf hunt started on Saturday, and wolf experts predicted that hunters' success will be low. (11/03/2012)
It's been nearly 40 years since the federal government banned wolf hunting and placed the animals on the endangered species list. Today, few people know how to effectively hunt the elusive predator. (11/02/2012)
More than 600 early season wolf hunting licenses will go up for sale next week after going unsold to winners of a lottery. (10/25/2012)
Minnesota's first-ever managed wolf hunt gets underway in about two weeks, barring a successful legal challenge that could stop the hunt. The opportunity to learn about wolves and their behavior brings the Department of Natural Resources to Sampson to Itasca State Park. (10/19/2012)
A winter storm warning is in effect for northwestern Minnesota. The strong system could end up dumping rain and up to a foot of snow on parts of the region, and that's good news for crews who have been battling wildfires all this week. (10/04/2012)
Many Minnesotans are battling tough circumstances in the northern part of the state. In Beltrami County the poverty rate is about 20 percent. Other nearby counties have struggled with chronic poverty for decades. (09/12/2012)
Minnesota paramedics have begun training for a new certification as "community paramedics," letting them handle a new set of non-emergency health care situations. (09/11/2012)
August was a tough month for Minnesota's timber industry. Some fear that recent plant closures could signal the end of the road for some of the state's struggling loggers. (08/31/2012)
Advances in technology and changes in public policy are paving the way for an explosion of growth in the telemedicine industry, delivering health care to rural Minnesota. (08/22/2012)
Like an increasing number of Minnesota towns, Fertile relies on the county sheriff for law enforcement. Some residents worry more about safety. (08/13/2012)
The Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe has joined with two northern Minnesota counties to create a "wellness court" that for the first time is letting tribal and district court judges act together to handle addiction and substance abuse. (08/13/2012)
Along the south shore of Cass Lake, clean-up efforts continue from the storms that ripped across northern Minnesota, with state, federal and county forest managers trying to determine how best to clean up the trees scattered across miles and miles of public lands. (07/27/2012)
A growing number of would-be home buyers in rural communities are turning to federally backed mortgage products administered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The low-interest loans are making home ownership possible for people who never imagined they could afford to buy. (07/11/2012)