Tom Robertson Feature Archive

The superintendent of Cass Lake-Bena schools was charged Tuesday with sexually assualting a 17-year-old boy. (07/27/2010)
Test mining is set to begin in central Minnesota this fall on what could be one of the largest manganese deposits in North America -- which is sitting right underneath the small town of Emily. (07/21/2010)
Tribal officials on the White Earth Indian Reservation say they've removed a small group of protesters who had been camped outside the tribe's administrative headquarters. (07/14/2010)
Plenty of signs are visible of recovery in Wadena, but some fear that some tornado victims may choose not to return to their neighborhoods. (07/13/2010)
Visitors can now hop on a bike in Brainerd and ride 110 miles north to Bemidji on a paved trail, making it the longest bike and snowmobile trail in the state. (07/07/2010)
Storm cleanup in Wadena is winding down and officials in Wadena say they plan to close down the city's volunteer center. (06/29/2010)
In Bemidji, there are Native American candidates running for the state Senate and House of Representatives. A Native American is running for Bemidji city council and another is seeking a seat on the county board. (06/28/2010)
A hearing on Thursday on the Leech Lake Reservation will determine whether there were irregularities in a tribal election earlier this month. (06/24/2010)
Work crews and volunteers in Wadena are focusing mostly on clearing downed trees and removing debris from roadways following last week's devastating tornado. (06/22/2010)
In the next few days, officials from the Federal Emergency Management Agency are expected to assess the damage from last Thursday's tornadoes. The storms caused a lot of property damage. They also killed three people. Governor Tim Pawlenty says he expects to ask for a disaster declaration for about half a dozen counties in northern and southern Minnesota. That will likely include Wadena County, where a tornado plowed through the city of Wadena. Reporter Tom Robertson discussed the latest with Minnesota Public Radio's Tom Crann. (06/21/2010)
National Guard troops and volunteers with chainsaws were helping residents in this northwestern Minnesota town begin a massive cleanup effort, a day after a tornado destroyed homes and uprooted trees in its path. (06/18/2010)
Native American voters in Minnesota have historically aligned themselves with the DFL party. But two Native American candidates in northern Minnesota are bucking that trend. The two have formed their own political party and are running for state House and Senate seats currently held by the DFL. (06/17/2010)
Bruce Lundmark, a 54-year-old Vietnam veteran from Bagley on GAMC, is in the midst of getting fitted for dentures. But because of the cuts to the welfare program, he doesn't know how he'll pay for the procedure. (06/11/2010)
General Assistance recipients used to be able to get health care at any hospital or clinic. Now it's not so easy. Only four hospitals in the state have signed on to provide care for GAMC patients under the revised plan, and all four are located in the Twin Cities area. (06/04/2010)
Mom-and-pop resorts in Minnesota used to be the backbone of summer tourism, but they're disappearing fast. Since the industry's peak in 1970, the number of resorts in the state has fallen by nearly 70 percent. (05/31/2010)