Chris Roberts Feature Archive

Every third Sunday of the month, a group of "Gen Y" yarn spinners regale audiences with edgy tales of woe, wisdom and awkward situations. They call themselves the Rockstar Storytellers. (05/21/2010)
The Walker Art Center's upcoming season reflects a new level of interdisciplinary collaboration happening among artists around the globe. (05/21/2010)
The Walker Art Center is cutting its operating budget by 8 percent in the coming fiscal year, and eliminating nine positions. (05/20/2010)
One of the most multi-dimensional, multi-talented artists in the Twin Cities is someone whose name probably doesn't ring a bell, but after operating for years in the trenches of the Minnesota art scene, Mankwe Ndosi is beginning to be discovered. (05/14/2010)
Poverty, isolation and a lack of organized activities are some of the main reasons African immigrant teens in the Twin Cities are drawn to gangs and crime. A St. Paul group is addressing these problems as a team -- a soccer team. (05/11/2010)
The content on the "Overheard in Minneapolis" website has become the catalyst for a new improv theater production. (04/22/2010)
The Duluth band Trampled by Turtles gained a national following for its passionate, frenetic, spontaneous acoustic music. Critics are praising their new cd, "Palomino," for capturing the band's driving energy. (04/13/2010)
Mixed Blood Theater's new play explores the manufactured drama, racial stereotypes and greed of professional wrestling. (04/09/2010)
Forget trying to put Jelloslave's music into some neat little category. In fact, experimental jazz saxophonist George Cartwright of Roseville, won't even take a stab at it. (03/30/2010)
Chanhassen Dinner Theatres have been sold to a group led by longtime artistic director, Michael Brindisi. (03/16/2010)
Dave King and friends will be celebrated at the Walker as part of "King for Two Days." (03/12/2010)
Gretchen Seichrist and her band Patches & Gretchen are releasing a new cd entitled "Sugar Head Pie." (03/10/2010)
The latest experiment in Minnesota's malls is underway at Ridgedale Center in Minnetonka, where they are creating and displaying art in the shopping complex alongside storefronts and food courts. (03/08/2010)
As a music writer and songwriter, Jim Walsh always looks for the meaning of life in a three minute pop song. (02/24/2010)
Every job has its own tedium and drudgery. The stage performer's burden, of course, is memorizing all those lines. So how do they do it? (02/12/2010)