Chris Roberts Feature Archive

American orchestras are going through a tumultuous period that may forever alter how they're run and their relationships to their communities. Horrible economic conditions and menacing long term trends spawned an orchestral tempest. (10/10/2012)
Time is running out for the Minnesota Orchestra and St. Paul Chamber Orchestra to reach new labor agreements with their musicians unions. Both contracts expire at midnight Sunday. Even though the orchestras don't command the crowds professional sports teams do, work stoppages would cause economic pain in their respective hometowns. (09/28/2012)
As the Minnesota Orchestra and St. Paul Chamber Orchestra continue high-stakes contract talks with their musicians, there is one thing both sides agree on: The general public may not fully appreciate what it takes to play in Minnesota's internationally renowned music ensembles. (09/21/2012)
The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation today announced three grants totaling more than a million dollars for the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis. (07/24/2012)
A renegade theater company that grew into a multi-cultural destination in Minneapolis is coming to St. Paul. Bedlam Theatre will soon open what it calls a "theater nightclub" in the Lowertown neighborhood. (07/24/2012)
It's unusual for a metro area to have two major orchestras. It's even more unusual for those orchestras to be engaged in contract talks with their musicians at the same time. But that's exactly what's happening right now with the Minnesota Orchestra and the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra. (07/18/2012)
The Twin Cities' indie pop trio Now Now will visit the 7th Street Entry in Minneapolis tonight as part of the band's national tour in support of its latest album "Threads." (07/09/2012)
Throngs of art loving night owls are expected in Minneapolis this Saturday for the second "Northern Spark" all-night art festival. (06/08/2012)
You can't scientifically measure whether a music scene is going through what some might call a "heyday." But there are signs. Indicators. And some are too big to ignore. (05/17/2012)
It's rare when sports and art merge, but the Minneapolis Institute of Arts' "The Sports Show" is the first exhibition from a major art museum to trace the rise of a 'global sports culture." (04/30/2012)
"Wishes for the Sky" has been held for the last five years on or near Earth Day, to help people publicly express their wishes, for the earth, and for themselves. (04/20/2012)
Throughout French horn virtuoso Bernhard Scully's career, his mother, Bloomington pianist Joanne Minnetti, has been in his shadow — as his accompanist. Now the pair are sharing equal billing on their first full-length album. (04/06/2012)
A new play premiering at Pillsbury House Theatre in Minneapolis, explores how race can even overshadow close friendships. Its creators tried to capture what a conversation on race might sound like. (02/28/2012)
Formed just a few months ago, the quartet has generated so much excitement with its cavalcade of electronic effects and live instrumentation that it released its new album, "Give You the Ghost," several weeks early. (02/14/2012)
It has been ten years since the Minneapolis Americana duo The Minor Planets released their first album. Now, back recording, they find a transformed music landscape. (02/06/2012)