Chris Roberts Feature Archive

Painting by numbers was a fad in the '50s. Now these paintings are becoming collectors' items. One local artist is putting part of his collection up for sale in Minneapolis. (02/23/2007)
The Twin Cities indie rock band Army Defense has hundreds of songs in its recording vault. But chances are you won't hear any of them. That's because the only fans Army Defense members truly want to please are each other. (02/16/2007)
An exhibition that's about to open at the Weisman Art Museum explores a pivotal period in Bob Dylan's career, a time that includes his Minnesota years. It reveals a lot about Dylan's ability to transform himself as an artist. (02/02/2007)
Football fanatics still have another week before their big day, Super Bowl Sunday, arrives. But for fans of a certain kind of accordion, the biggest bowl event of the year happens Saturday in Blaine, Minnesota -- the Concertina Bowl. (01/26/2007)
An award-winning experimental theater group called Off-Leash Area aims to pack an emotional wallop without using a lot of words. (01/18/2007)
The Science Museum of Minnesota has launched an exhibition that attempts to deconstruct one of America's thorniest issues -- race. (01/10/2007)
Buoyed by last session's support for an arts share in a constitutional amendment, the State Arts Board aims to restore funding to pre-2003 levels. (01/04/2007)
When was the last time a group of well bundled wassailers rang your doorbell and started singing songs of the season? We've found evidence that the tradition of Christmas caroling is hanging in there, at least in the Twin Cities. (12/21/2006)
In addition to all the Nutcrackers, Scrooge at the Guthrie, the Grinch at the Children's Theatre Company and some singers dreaming of a White Christmas at the Ordway, there are some unusual holiday stage shows that may be flying below your radar. (12/12/2006)
The Minnesota Children's Museum is 25 years old. While the size, shape and location of the facility have undergone several changes, its mission has remained constant: using play to spark learning. (12/12/2006)
Emerging from the shadow of the Twin Cities' dominant hip-hop crew, Rhymesayers Entertainment, is a collective called Doomtree. Members believe their potential for success lies in a group effort driven by a "do it yourself" ethic. (12/01/2006)
The level of film and video production in Minnesota is starting to pick up again after several relatively lackluster years. Many credit the new activity to the return of a state program called "Snowbate." (11/21/2006)
A controversial painting of John F. Kennedy's dying moments is on display at the Cathedral of St. Paul. The unveiling of the painting corresponds with a week-long symposium the church has convened on the Kennedy assassination. (11/15/2006)
If you consider yourself a busy person, 21-year-old Ian Anderson may redefine for you what that term means. (11/12/2006)
For more than a year, we've heard plenty of pundits talk about what the voters think. Now it's time to hear from the voters. MPR News talked with several voters in the region to find out whom they intend to vote for in various races and why. (11/04/2006)