Chris Roberts Feature Archive

According to federal crime figures, homicide is the leading cause of death among African-American males aged 15 to 34. They also indicate that between 1976 and 2004, 94 percent of black murder victims were killed by black offenders. While "black-on-black crime" is having a devastating impact in Minnesota and across the country, its racial overtones have made it a difficult problem to address or even discuss. (07/06/2007)
The St. Paul Chamber Orchestra and its musicians have reached a new five-year contract agreement which increases the length of the SPCO season from 34 to 40 weeks. (07/03/2007)
A serious accident derailed a Minneapolis singer/songwriter's career in music but music continues to be one of his most important modes of expression. (06/27/2007)
Every Friday night, the basement at Java Jack's coffee shop in Minneapolis is overtaken by the The Mad Ripple's Friday Night Hootenanny. Organizer and singer/songwriter Jim Walsh, aka the Mad Ripple, says the hootenanny is a rare chance for local musicians and the audience to make a connection. (06/01/2007)
With the new Guthrie Theater's one-year anniversary approaching, we explore the Guthrie's impact on the local theater landscape. (05/28/2007)
Minneapolis Institute of Arts Director William Griswold is leaving his position after less than two years on the job. Griswold is taking the helm at the Morgan Library and Museum in New York, where he once worked as a curator. (05/24/2007)
Organizers are developing the Twin Cities' first Pan-African cultural festival. "Afrifest" is designed to introduce Minnesota's African immigrants to each other and the larger population. (05/18/2007)
Chris Roberts traveled to the home of the Electric Arc Radio Show - four writers living together in a little house with a band residing in the attic. (05/14/2007)
A Minneapolis indie rock band has ignored the advice, "Friends don't let friends form rock bands." The two founders of Best Friends Forever actually are best friends, and it shows in their music. (05/03/2007)
The spatial, sculptural and psychological dimensions of sound are the focus of a new exhibition at the Minnesota Museum of American Art in St. Paul. Organizers of "Sound in Art/Art in Sound" say it's designed to bring the background noise of our lives into the foreground of our consciousness. (04/23/2007)
More than a year after the death of its founder and president, Bob Feldman, St. Paul-based Red House Records is still going strong, and embracing the digital age. (04/16/2007)
Walker Art Center Director Kathy Halbreich is stepping down after 16 years at the helm of one of the country's foremost contemporary art museums. (03/20/2007)
The 2002 education reform act No Child Left Behind has earned praise for bringing more accountability to public schools. But some say it elevates certain subject areas at the expense of others. One subject critics say the act has "left behind" is arts education. (03/13/2007)
A new documentary follows a group of female amateur boxers from Northeast Minneapolis and explores how the sport changes them as athletes and individuals. (03/09/2007)
The Minnesota Book Awards is inviting readers to vote for their favorite Minnesota book of 2006. The book with the most votes wins the Readers' Choice Award, which will be presented at the annual Minnesota Book Awards Gala on May 5 in St. Paul. (03/01/2007)