Chris Roberts Feature Archive

This week's Art Hounds sing the praises of the "Art of This" gallery in Minneapolis, commemorate the 1934 Truckers strike , and riff on a staged reading of "Jazz," a new play adapted from the Toni Morrison novel. (07/23/2009)
The movement of arts coverage from traditional media to online arts blogs and independent writers is changing how organizations promote and market their work. (07/21/2009)
This week's Art Hounds welcome In the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theatre to Bemidji, celebrate the Walker's Summer Music and Movies, and talk up Osmo Vanska's lunchtime clarinet concert. (07/16/2009)
This week's Art Hounds are excited about a premiere poetry slam at Pepito's Parkway Theater, the art behind the trippy TV show for kids called "Yo Gabba Gabba," and the ground-shaking progressive metal of the Twin Cities' own "After the Burial." (07/09/2009)
One of the most overlooked and under-valued reasons new college grads and young professionals move to the Twin Cities is its vibrant local music scene. (07/03/2009)
This week, our Art Hounds introduce us to the geeky, the creepy and the magical. (07/02/2009)
This week's Art Hounds hunt down a new Tennesse Williams play at Gremlin Theater, rave about writer Nora Labiner's new novel, and are on the scent of Shakespearean sililoquies in Winona. (06/25/2009)
Sometimes theater companies can't wait for crowds to fill their seats, they have to go meet audiences on their own turf. For the last seven years, Open Eye Figure Theatre has been bringing its puppet shows to backyards throughout the Twin Cities. (06/19/2009)
Listen as this week's Art Hounds lovingly describe the wood cut prints of famed Fergus Falls artist Charles Beck, expose you to a musical that imagines a world where homosexuality is the norm, and immerse you in the fuzzy, circuit bending beats of Beatrix Jar. (06/18/2009)
The St. Paul Chamber Orchestra and the South Dakota Symphony Orchestra are being honored for playing music by contemporary American composers. (06/11/2009)
This week, our Art Hounds take us from the pines of Northern Minnesota to the lofts of downtown Minneapolis, with a stop at a desert island in between. (06/11/2009)
The economic meltdown has brought uncertainty and upheavel to many Minnesota arts groups. But one sector of the art scene that seems to be beating back the recession is live music. (06/09/2009)
This week, the Art Hounds are checking out a play about sci-fi icon Philip K. Dick, dancing from Minneapolis-based "Black Label Company," and an air guitar competition. (06/04/2009)
This week the 'hounds' are on the trail of a Minneapolis dance "happening," a Rochester painting exhibiton in which the artist is part photo-realist, part "Dutch Master," and a MnOrch concert featuring one of the world's finest symphonists. (05/28/2009)
Each week Minnesota Public Radio News asks three people from the Minnesota arts scene to be "Art Hounds." Their job is to step outside their own work and hunt down something exciting that's going on in local arts. (05/21/2009)