Chris Roberts Feature Archive

The shadow of the 1980s still looms over a lot of pop music these days and for some of us, it's a decade we'd like to forget, but for the Minneapolis synth-pop duo Lookbook, the '80s represent a musical goldmine. (10/02/2009)
This week's Art Hounds are on the trail of an epic Indian/Indonesian dance at the Walker, a play about guardian angels confronting a dying god and a familiar 90s alt rock voice making a swing through Minneapolis. (10/01/2009)
This week's Art Hounds lead us to a female-focused theater company, a reading series featuring two women poets and a Norwegian vocal ensemble that contains -- women. No theme here though. (09/24/2009)
An artist-friendly physician in Northeast Minneapolis has opened a practice that's getting praised for addressing a gap in the health care system. (09/23/2009)
This week, our Art Hounds take us to a hip-hop block party in Minneapolis, a jazz bistro in Sioux Falls and a thought-provoking production in Anoka. (09/17/2009)
Two Twin Cities performers have been bringing the sounds of icons Ella Fitzgerald and Patsy Cline to audiences all summer. (09/11/2009)
This week's art hounds sniff out a free Rose Ensemble concert, the last act of an environmental justice dance trilogy and a fundraiser that's about affordable art, and not big names. (09/10/2009)
This week's Art Hounds describe a cabaret where empty beer cans are a symbol of audience appreciation, an exhibition that relies heavily on the U.S. Postal Service, and an ingeniously original instrumentalist who's below the radar. (09/03/2009)
This week's Art Hounds will lead us to an exhibition where MTC bus transfers are the canvas, a literary reading Walt Whitman would have approved of, and a mini-opera you can scarf a sandwich to. (08/27/2009)
While Congress has been debating health care reform, Obama's opponents have been more active and vocal than those in favor of the bill, despite efforts by advocacy groups to rally supporters. (08/26/2009)
This week's Art Hounds dive into Hmong culture, visit a masterpiece of Byzantine architecture in Minneapolis, and tout the tunes of country troubadour Randy Weeks. (08/20/2009)
This week the Art Hounds visit a multi-disciplinary art exhibit on the housing crisis, talk up the musical "A New Brain" in Duluth, and extoll the virtues of Minneapolis art rockers, Vampire Hands. (08/13/2009)
The critically praised alt-folk duo The Pines have released a new CD called "Tremelo," and they mark the occasion tonight with an in-store performance at Electric Fetus in Minneapolis. (08/11/2009)
The week's Art Hounds hype the instantaneous humor of "Improv A Go-Go," embrace the quietude of the Minneapolis Institute of Arts on a late Wednesday afternoon, and throw down with Minneapolis' own Southside Aces. (08/06/2009)
This week's Art Hounds talk up the Minnesota Fringe Festival, celebrate Minnesota cartoonist Kevin Cannon's first graphic novel and describe the awe felt when seeing Scottish soul sensation for the first time. (07/30/2009)