Bob Reha Feature Archive

The beef industry is cyclical. Just a year ago, the market was robust, and ranchers in all phases of the business were making money. Now, for some people the market has cooled. (11/15/2004)
It's a familiar scene on election day, long lines of people at their local polling place, waiting to vote. Waiting is often given as an excuse by people who don't vote. Election officials in North and South Dakota have taken action, they hope will make it easier for people to vote and election officials say early returns indicate, it's working. (11/01/2004)
Vice President Dick Cheney campaigned in Moorhead, Monday. The vice president's visit is part of the Bush administration's attempt to win Minnesota in the presidential election. Minnesota is one of several battleground states in the midwest. Republicans believe the Bush-Cheney ticket, could be the first Republican presidential campaign to win Minnesota since the Nixon-Agnew ticket in 1972. (10/25/2004)
Voters in Fargo, North Dakota have a two-week head start in voting for president. As many as 10 percent of the city's eligible voters may cast an early ballot. Officials hope making it easier to vote will boost turnout. (10/25/2004)
The curse and blessing of any incumbent is a legislative record. Morrie Lanning knows that all too well. He's the Republican state representative for District 9A, which includes the city of Moorhead and the northern half of Clay County. His challengers say he's vulnerable, because he's not representing Moorhead's interest. (10/15/2004)
Many rural Minnesota communities are stuck with an expensive problem; their sewer systems are worn out. It will cost millions of dollars to replace the systems -- money most towns don't have. If the sewers aren't fixed the communities' economic future is in jeopardy. (10/06/2004)
One of the most enduring images of the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks is of the firefighters who rushed to the World Trade Center. In Fargo, a local theater group is teaming with the Fargo fire department to produce "The Guys." The play remembers the heroes of 9/11 as regular people. (09/08/2004)
School officials in Pelican Rapids question the fairness and accuracy of No Child Left Behind standards. (08/26/2004)
Over the last four years, 10 people have died at railroad crossing accidents in the Fargo-Moorhead area -- all of them were pedestrians. Some of the victims were elderly. One was a teenager. None of the accidents happened at crossings thought to be especially dangerous. None of the deaths appear to be suicides. The accidents have local officials shaking their heads and looking for answers. (08/17/2004)
Musicians will tell you no matter how much they rehearse the moment of truth comes when they perform in front of an audience. Now a days it's an experience many young rock musicians have to do without. Paying jobs for bands are scarce, especially for beginners. In rural areas the odds of finding a paying gig are even worse. But there is some hope. Some communities are reviving an old tradition to help young musicians get started. A Battle of the Bands contest. (08/13/2004)
Vice-President Dick Cheney visited East Grand Forks, Minnesota on Friday. Cheney's visit is part of a Republican push to win in Minnesota this fall. Traditionally a stronghold for Democrats in the presidential election, Minnesota is seen as a battleground state in 2004. (08/06/2004)
Each year, about a half-million people are cremated. Occasionally families ask: how do we know we're getting the right ashes? Now a Fargo, North Dakota man thinks he has the answer to eliminating that doubt. (07/05/2004)
The Moorhead City Council has approved a smoking ban that would make it illegal to smoke in all public indoor workplaces. Moorhead is the latest community to pass a ban. Duluth, Cloquet and Moose Lake have smoking bans. Olmsted County, which includes the city of Rochester, has a county- wide ban. Supporters of the ban are hopeful it will prompt officials in neighboring communities in North Dakota to take similar action. (06/22/2004)
Methamphetamine scares people. The stimulant is extremely addictive, and stories are common of the outrageous behavior of meth addicts. The myths about meth are common too. One of them is that it's almost impossible to kick the habit for good. Addiction counselors say that's just not true. But recovering from meth addiction can require some new techniques. (06/14/2004)
It's never easy when a child dies. It's often difficult to find the right way to remember them. Two mothers, one in Sioux Falls and one in Moorhead, each lost a child in the past few years, and now have memorials in place to remember them. One began as an impromptu expression of grief. The other was a well-planned goodbye. (05/31/2004)