Bob Reha Feature Archive

Picking a jury pool in a high-profile case is a bit of art and science. Lawyers interview people looking for some very specific qualities and characters. (07/18/2006)
The first day of jury selection begins in the Alfonso Rodriguez Jr. trial. He is accused of kidnapping and killing Dru Sjodin in November, 2003. (07/06/2006)
Fargo, North Dakota has a long history of accepting people driven out of their homeland by war. Twenty years ago, the city saw an influx of refugees from Vietnam. In the years since the nationalities have changed but the influx of new Americans and the communities acceptance of them, has not. (07/02/2006)
For the first time since 1905, a capital punishment is being argued in federal court in Fargo, North Dakota. (06/26/2006)
Pelican Rapids is attracting retirees and summer residents with lakeside cabins, as well as new immigrants looking for work. As a result, good housing is in short supply. (05/30/2006)
A soldier with the North Dakota National Guard has died in Iraq. Military officials say Specialist Michael Hermanson, 21, of Fargo, was killed Tuesday when his vehicle was hit by a rocket-propelled grenade south of Balad, Iraq. (05/25/2006)
About 71,000 children in Minnesota are being raised by their grandparents or other relatives. It's a situtation that presents a number of problems. (05/23/2006)
Wind power is popular with with consumers in Moorhead, Minnesota. The local utility, Moorhead Public Service is now trying to expand its customer base. (05/11/2006)
The NCAA has denied the University of North Dakota's appeal to continue using the Fighting Sioux nickname in postseason tournaments. It's the second time the University of North Dakota, UND, has lost an appeal on this issue. (04/28/2006)
The Jump Start program helps low income people of the White Earth Nation get cars and find jobs. (04/23/2006)
After four and half years of research, advocates of the Waffle Plan say it will reduce flood levels for cities and towns in the Red River Valley. (04/17/2006)
Health concerns aren't often at the top of the list for migrant workers, but their health problems can be chronic. Diabetes and obesity are problems, and often migrant workers aren't doing anything to monitor their diseases. (04/11/2006)
Volunteers are working throughout Eastern North Dakota and Western Minnesota to fortify their defense against flooding. And their efforts appear to be paying off. (04/01/2006)
It likely won't be a repeat of the infamous 1997 flood, but Red River Valley areas are watching the river closely as some flooding is likely. (03/31/2006)
The tenth anniversary of the release of the movie "Fargo" gets royal treatment, coinciding with the city's 6th annual film festival. (03/02/2006)