Bob Reha Feature Archive

Fargo, N.D. may never replace Detroit as the car capital of the world, but Fargo-based Global Electric MotorCars or GEM is gaining international attention. After being bought by Daimler-Chrysler last October, GEM has nearly doubled production. Now the company is negoitating to move to a bigger building and double its work force. (08/08/2001)
Detroit Lakes residents are threatening to sue in the wake of a police drug sting. In June police arrested 18 people on drugs charges, after a 10-month undercover operation. Officers confiscated $300,000 worth of drugs, and promise dozens more arrests. But residents are furious that, as part of the sting, police set up a drug house next to a school. (07/18/2001)
Two years ago, Ryan Nelson and Gerry Nybo of Detroit Lakes died when a Burlington Northern Santa Fe Train hit their car at a railroad crossing. For the Nybo and Nelson families the accident has left many unanswered questions - questions they say the railroad has shown little interest in answering. Now the dead mens' parents have organized Citizens Against Railroad Tragedies, a group working to force changes in the way such accidents are investigated. (06/11/2001)
The McKnight Foundation announced plans Tuesday to spend $2.5 million over the next two years on developing what it calls "clean energy." The money will fund in part the Wind on the Wires program, which is studying how to improve transmission line capacity to maximize use of wind power generated in the upper Midwest. (05/01/2001)
America is facing an energy crisis. In Minnesota, energy experts say the state will soon need five new power plants. The crisis is making some folks look west to the Dakotas, which could produce more wind power than they need. The next problem is getting that energy to where it could be used. (01/29/2001)
It's easier to get a divorce than to remove a tattoo. Once the marks of rebels and outcasts, tattoos and piercings have crossed into the realm of fashion accessories. Now one Minnesota college is trying to educate students and others about the risks of body art. The aim of the Peer Education Program at Minnesota State University-Moorhead is not to discourage individuals from acquiring body art, but to make sure it's done safely. (01/02/2001)
Three years ago, a clinic in Fargo began an abstinence education program. At the time, abstinence education was considered unusual, even revolutionary. Not anymore. (06/07/2000)
There is growing concern much of the cultural history of American film is threatened because many of those films are literally falling to pieces. Time has destroyed thousands of early films. The Library of Congress is trying to raise public awareness of the problem. Its tour pulls into Fargo. (03/15/2000)
Governor Jesse Ventura's push for a unicameral legislature is his top priority for the 2000 legislative session. The issue has spawned a loud and long debate. In outstate Minnesota, there is a growing concern that a one-house legislature would be bad news for rural areas. (02/29/2000)
Given the excitement - at least on the stock market - over the Internet bookstore, it might seem like a no-brainer for a community to try to encourage a distribution center in its midst. However, when faced with just that possibility the city of Grand Forks is finding there is a lot to debate, and it's becoming a discussion on the city's whole economic future. (01/13/2000)
Across the globe, the average temperature has been slowly but steadily rising. For years now, scientists, citizens, and industry experts have argued about the problem of global warming; first of all whether it exists, and then what to do about it. This week in Grand Forks, people from around the region have gathered to talk about climate change in the Northern Great Plains and Rocky Mountain region and how people can change the global warming trend. (11/16/1999)