Amy Radil Feature Archive

Historically, when the U.S. Supreme Court and Congress have taken privacy into consideration, it has usually lost out to other interests. But advocates have dubbed privacy the civil rights issue of the information age. (11/15/1999)
Election results in Duluth brought significant turnover among city council and school board members, with both bodies likely taking on a more labor-friendly and liberal tone. But labor-endorsed candidates did not sweep either body, and some extremely-close votes had candidates pondering the mixed messages voters sent. The elections for mayor and state legislature were more sweeping: Mayor Gary Doty easily won a third term, and DFLer Dale Swapinski won Willard Munger Senior's former legislative seat by a wide margin. (11/03/1999)
After more than two months in prison, Blom confesses he kidnapped Poirier and says the human remains found on his property are hers. (09/09/1999)
In a speech to rural leaders, Governor Ventura suggests rural Minnesotans should stop thinking in a crisis mode, and accept the fact that change happens. (08/12/1999)
Cirrus Design of Duluth gets FAA permission to deliver its SR-20, the plane with the parachute. (07/21/1999)
Cohasset residents lament the demise of Technimar. (04/20/1999)
Rural teens say they're victims of an anti-gang fervor. (03/12/1999)
Social workers and employers are struggling to keep families from relocating to the Twin Cities. (10/15/1998)
Move the Department of Natural Resources to greater Minnesota; give regulatory control of feedlots to local municipalities. (09/11/1998)
Support the issuing of concealed-weapon permits; greater anti-crime measures in schools. (09/01/1998)
New agency to address situations in rural Minnesota; move ag-centered government agencies to out-state areas. (08/26/1998)
More competition within the state health care system; provide affordable alternatives for elder care. (08/20/1998)
Change is difficult for locals in this unique piece of Minnesota. (08/17/1998)
Fully fund a sliding fee child care program; invest $50 million to assist welfare recipients. (08/10/1998)
Permanent individual income tax cuts; additional $400 million in property tax relief. (08/04/1998)