Tim Pugmire Feature Archive

A Minnesota House committee will hold a hearing next week on a bill to boost the funding for a key state economic development program. (03/02/2013)
The February economic forecast shows a $463 million improvement from November, when the projected deficit for the next biennium was at $1.1 billion. (02/28/2013)
The push to legalize same-sex marriage in Minnesota got underway Wednesday when two DFL legislators unveiled a bill that would strike down the prohibition currently in state law. (02/27/2013)
The DFL governor is proposing sweeping changes to income, sales and property taxes that have already triggered complaints from a wide range of interest groups. (02/27/2013)
Government-subsidized child care providers have renewed their effort to form a union, and this time they're asking labor-friendly Democrats to write it in state law. (02/25/2013)
MPR's Cathy Wurzer spoke with Tim Pugmire, one of Minnesota Public Radio News' Capitol reporters, about the week ahead for state lawmakers. (02/25/2013)
Reaction to Dayton's proposed re-tooling of sales taxes, income taxes and property taxes has been mostly lukewarm, even among his fellow Democrats. Some are already looking at possible options. (02/21/2013)
State lawmakers have begun scrutinizing DFL Gov. Mark Dayton's spending plan for public education, which was the first piece of his budget proposal to be introduced in bill form. During a House committee hearing Tuesday, the chief sponsor of the bill mostly praised the governor's approach. But he also said he has some disagreements. (02/19/2013)
The DFL tax committee chairs in both chambers are the chief sponsors, even though neither has endorsed the plan. (02/18/2013)
A Minnesota Senate panel has approved the payment of another legal bill related to the firing of Republican staffer Michael Brodkorb. (02/18/2013)
Reporter Tim Pugmire discusses the week ahead at the Capitol with Morning Edition host Cathy Wurzer. (02/18/2013)
Advocates on both sides of the gun debate will gather at the State Capitol this week when the Minnesota Senate holds a series of hearings on proposed legislation. (02/18/2013)
The effort to legalize same-sex marriage in Minnesota takes center stage today at the State Capitol when supporters gather for a St. Valentine's Day rally aimed at highlighting their cause. Lawmakers are preparing for the anticipated debate, even though actual legislation has not yet been introduced. (02/14/2013)
The effort to legalize same-sex marriage in Minnesota picks up this week when supporters gather for a Valentine's Day rally at the State Capitol. (02/11/2013)
DFL Gov. Mark Dayton announced his two-year budget proposal nearly three weeks ago, but most of those tax and spending recommendations have not yet arrived in the House and Senate as bills. (02/11/2013)