Tim Pugmire Feature Archive

Restaurant owners are raising new concerns about proposed legislation to increase the state's minimum wage without accounting for tip income. (03/26/2013)
DFL leaders in the Minnesota House spent the first day of their spring break making a case for all-day kindergarten and the tax increases needed to pay for it. (03/25/2013)
It will be a quiet week at the State Capitol, as the legislature takes its traditional Easter/Passover break. (03/25/2013)
State lawmakers will be back in their home districts this week, talking to constituents about the budget during their Easter/Passover break. (03/25/2013)
Another piece of the state budget puzzle fell into place Wednesday as Democrats in the Minnesota Senate released their framework for erasing a projected $627 million deficit while also increasing overall spending by $1.4 billion. (03/20/2013)
DFL Gov. Mark Dayton leveled some sharp criticism Tuesday against the National Rifle Association and its opposition to universal background checks on gun purchases. (03/19/2013)
On the 10th anniversary of the start of the Iraq War, Gov. Mark Dayton said Tuesday that his vote against the war as a U.S. senator looks proper to him in hindsight. (03/19/2013)
Legislation to impose new taxes on silica sand mining in Minnesota got a rough reception Tuesday in a House committee hearing. (03/19/2013)
DFL Gov. Mark Dayton says he'll be traveling throughout the state in the coming weeks to let Minnesotans know that he has a sound proposal for the state budget. (03/18/2013)
Democrats in the Minnesota House and Senate will release an outline of their plans for a state budget this week. MPR's Phil Picardi spoke with Minnesota Public Radio Capitol reporter Tim Pugmire about the week ahead for state lawmakers (03/18/2013)
Democrats in the Minnesota House are advancing changes to state election law that have some bipartisan support, but also differ sharply from a Senate plan. (03/14/2013)
The day after legislation to legalize same-sex marriage in Minnesota cleared two committees, Senate Republicans tried to derail the measure with some parliamentary maneuvering. They failed to stop the bill's progress, but managed to get some reluctant rural Democrats to vote on the issue. (03/13/2013)
Legislation to legalize same-sex marriage in Minnesota has survived two committees on party-line votes, and bills are now headed to the full House and Senate. DFL Gov. Mark Dayton said he will sign the bill if it reaches his desk. (03/13/2013)
Legislation to legalize same-sex marriage in Minnesota has received its first favorable vote. (03/12/2013)
Backing off a proposal to expand the state sales tax, Gov. Mark Dayton will now likely rely on an income tax increase on top earners to erase a projected deficit and following through on his pledge to boost education funding. For six weeks, Republicans have blasted Dayton over the sales tax and are now shifting criticism to the income tax increase. (03/11/2013)