Tim Pugmire Feature Archive

A bill that narrowly passed the Minnesota Senate Tuesday funds state government agencies but also includes pay raises for legislators, the governor and other top officials beginning in 2015. Most lawmakers agree that those salaries are too low, but many aren't willing to support an increase. (04/17/2013)
The Minnesota House and Senate are ready to start voting on budget bills this week. MPR's Cathy Wurzer spoke with Minnesota Public Radio news reporter Tim Pugmire about the week ahead at the capitol. (04/15/2013)
The Minnesota House is set to vote Monday on a funding package for economic development programs, foreign trade offices and job training. (04/15/2013)
Mark Dayton may have dropped the idea, but Democrats in the Minnesota Senate will push for an expansion of the state sales tax to clothing and many personal services, while also lowering the tax rate. (04/12/2013)
Minnesota business leaders are pushing back against the tax and spending proposals from DFL Gov. Mark Dayton and Democratic legislative majorities. (04/10/2013)
Minnesota House Democrats propose an ambitious agenda to improve public education by raising taxes and increasing funding for schools by $550 million. DFL leaders claim that within 14 years the plan will close the racial and economic achievement gaps. A House committee will hear the omnibus budget bill Wednesday. (04/10/2013)
Minnesota lawmakers would get their first pay boosts since the late 1990s under a budget proposal rolled out Tuesday in the Senate that also includes salary increases for the governor and top agency leaders. (04/09/2013)
Democrats in the Minnesota House have released their own list of proposed public construction projects, a day after DFL Gov. Mark Dayton outlined his bonding priorities. (04/09/2013)
Gov. Mark Dayton released a $750 million list of proposed construction projects today that he estimates will create 21,000 jobs throughout the state. (04/08/2013)
With six weeks left in the legislative session, state lawmakers are ramping up their budget work. (04/08/2013)
A Republican state lawmaker is pushing for civil unions in Minnesota as an alternative to same-sex marriage legislation. Rep. Tim Kelly of Red Wing announced his proposal Wednesday and described it as a way to end the political debate over a divisive social issue. (04/03/2013)
A Republican state lawmaker will announce a bipartisan legislation today to establish civil unions in Minnesota. (04/03/2013)
Minnesota House Democrats today announced the details of their $250 million property tax relief proposal. (04/02/2013)
The ensuing judgment over the less-than-expected gambling revenue needed to fund the state's share of a new NFL stadium is premature and politically motivated, Gov. Mark Dayton said. (04/02/2013)
Legislation allowing for the unionization of two groups of state-subsidized workers -- childcare providers and personal care assistants -- is taking a slow and sometimes bumpy journey this session. (03/29/2013)