Tim Post Feature Archive

Minnesota lawmakers approved a $134 million boost in funding in 2013 to pay for the program (09/02/2014)
The program will help support the local economy and introduce students to healthier foods. (08/31/2014)
State education officials hope steady growth in math, reading and science scores over the last several years will help all students in the future. (08/26/2014)
Taken in the spring, results of the MCAs show how students are measuring up to state standards in math, reading and science. (08/25/2014)
White students in Minnesota had an average score of 23.7. But the average score for black students was 17.9 -- the lowest average among non-white test-takers. (08/20/2014)
A Minneapolis-based coalition is threatening to sue the Warroad school district if it doesn't stop using the image of a Native American for its school mascot. (08/14/2014)
St. Paul school district is pushing ahead with a plan to give every student an iPad even though many details have yet to be determined, including which apps will be used, how students will access them, and whether parents will need to put down a deposit on the devices. (08/13/2014)
The Safety and Technical Assistance Council was created under the Safe and Safe and Supportive Schools bill passed by lawmakers this spring. (08/05/2014)
Last year Minnesota education officials said more than two dozen struggling schools improved their performance under Minnesota's alternative to No Child Left Behind. (07/31/2014)
MPR News reporter Tim Post put GoPro cameras on the giraffe feeding baskets at Como Park Zoo and got an eye level view of the 14-foot animals. (07/24/2014)
MPR News reporter Tim Post put GoPro cameras on board a Metropolitan Mosquito Control District helicopter and captured its aerial acrobatics over Anoka County. (07/10/2014)
The event, now in its 34th year, is expected to draw as many as 60,000 people over its two-day run. The festival also features basketball, flag football and volleyball competitions along with music and dance performances and traditional Hmong food. (07/04/2014)
A federally funded program is offering free meals to kids under the age of 18 across the state this summer. (06/23/2014)
With a financial barrier lifted, school officials say they need to find room for more kindergartners to spend an entire day in class. (06/13/2014)
Union officials say educators at the Community School of Excellence voted overwhelmingly to join Education Minnesota. (06/11/2014)