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A day after being named one of four finalists to run a major Florida school district, St. Paul schools superintendent Valeria Silva said Thursday she's withdrawn as a candidate. (04/09/2015)
St. Paul Schools Superintendent Valeria Silva on Wednesday was named one of four finalists for the superintendent's job in Palm Beach County Florida. (04/08/2015)
Education Commissioner Brenda Cassellius explains why she thinks Minnesota students should be tested less. (03/27/2015)
A special education teacher has been charged with multiple felony counts, including inappropriate contact with special needs students at two Anoka county schools and possessing inappropriate pictures of students. (03/25/2015)
The layoffs, which take effect June 30, include a mix of part-time and full-time school employees from all departments. (03/24/2015)
District officials expect to eliminate approximately 120 administrative positions. Six hundred people currently work at the district's headquarters in north Minneapolis. (03/20/2015)
The East African Student to Teacher program at Augsburg College aims to place its teachers into classrooms to help African students learn in a new culture and language. (03/19/2015)
The center will give students a chance to earn a high school diploma or a GED. It will also offer college credit opportunities, career certification, internships and apprenticeships. (03/15/2015)
Before this year, 54 percent of students had access to all-day kindergarten. In some school districts, parents had to pay as much as $4,000 a year for the option. (03/12/2015)
When it comes to finding substitutes, schools have big problems. Fewer people are becoming teachers, and the strong job market also has made the part-time work a tough sell. (03/09/2015)
Dayton said he wants to cut the number of state tests by a third. Under the governor's proposal, seven of 21 standardized tests would be dropped. (03/06/2015)
Citing federal funding that is half of what other Minnesota districts receive from the state, American Indian leaders say more state support is needed to boost student achievement. (02/25/2015)
Students from all groups showed better high school graduation rates, the Education Department said Tuesday. Still, deep gaps remain between whites and black, Native American and Latino students. (02/24/2015)
Educators want to expand a program that encourages schools to keep from sending students home for bad behavior. (02/20/2015)
Fewer than 60 percent of the state's black and Hispanic students graduate in four years, and just 49 percent of Native American students do, according to an MPR News analysis. (02/19/2015)