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still from class notes video notes and beats
Teaching and learning about the duration of musical notes can be challenging. This new video from Classical MPR makes that process 'upbeat' and fun without oversimplifying the basic concepts behind note duration and rhythm. (08/26/2014)
Roderick George
Sociologists speak of class envy, while Freudians speak of penis envy - but in the choral world (and is what is the choral world, after all, but a trembling microcosm of the world itself?) it's tenor envy that seethes just below the surface, erupting now and then in sometimes cruel, other times amusing ways. (04/01/2014)
Le Sacre du Printemps
Now just emerging from the winter of 2012/13, which bared its teeth well into May, Minnesotans are perhaps the best-equipped in the lower 48 to appreciate what Igor Stravinsky was up to when he composed <em>The Rite of Spring</em>. (05/29/2013)
American Public Media's Vaughn Ormseth considers what Michael Steinberg's work meant to his readers and the artists he championed. (07/30/2009)
Thomas Hampson chose America's heartland - specifically Minnesota's bluff country - to kick off his Song of America tour. He gave a spectacular recital from three centuries of song at the Minnesota Beethoven Festival in Winona. You can download the concert for free as well as Hampson's musings on the music he loves so dearly. (07/10/2009)
Dale and his singers have brought twelve programs to Saint Paul Sunday, each one demonstrating the depth, beauty, and scrupulous craft that have become their signature. (05/23/2004)
Minnesota festival presents a premier work by one of the world's leading composers. (03/12/1999)