Dan Olson Feature Archive

Minne' Fire completed college with a degree in early childhood development, and she came to Minnesota nearly 30 years ago to teach. Since then, she has survived cancer and several failed marriages with alcoholic or physically abusive husbands. She's had five children. (08/19/2014)
Rooftop bees here hold important clues to the long-term health of the bee population in Minnesota, one of the nation's top honey producing states. The trends appear to show that survival rates and honey production for urban and suburban bees outpace their cousins in farm country, where swaths of bee habitat once flush with nectar and pollen-rich plants have been plowed under. (08/14/2014)
Chue Vang aims to honor the opportunities found in his adopted home -- and a late brother -- with a new scholarship for Hmong students. (07/31/2014)
Today, the Jaus farm is a destination for people who want to learn more about organic farming techniques that create healthy soil to nourish crops and ward off pests without synthetic chemicals. (07/14/2014)
Lorna Her Many Horses grew up on South Dakota's Rosebud Indian Reservation, but she didn't master the language of her ancestors until she came to Minneapolis. She now teaches the Dakota language, of which Lakota is a dialect, in the Minneapolis public schools. She's also been working to translate "The Star Spangled Banner" to honor her family members who are veterans. (07/01/2014)
Even city dwellers can create a welcoming habitat for butterflies, bees and songbirds. (06/23/2014)
Norwegian glee club singers from around the Upper Midwest will perform at the Ted Mann Concert Hall in Minneapolis Saturday night. There'll be an orchestra, soloists and a mass chorus of more than 200 male voices. (06/13/2014)
In their 10th-grade poetry class, students at Central High School in St. Paul wrote poems about nature, dreams, nightmares and survival. But the words didn't come easily. (06/06/2014)
Jay Bell, a soil science professor at the U, wants you to know that soil isn't just dirt. (05/21/2014)
Just after noon the truck violated a red turn arrow from University Avenue and turned into the path of a west-bound test train, said Metro Transit spokesman John Siqveland. (05/11/2014)
Hassen Hussein, Oromo Community of Minnesota executive director, wants the United States to help calm the situation. (05/10/2014)
An estimated 500,000 people will be on the state's lakes Saturday for the walleye and northern pike opener, according to Minnesota Department of Natural Resources officials. (05/10/2014)
Sex education is part of the curriculum in every Minnesota high school. But 32 Hennepin County schools are expanding on the effort through the outreach program, known as TOP, which includes frank discussions on the biology of reproduction and also on healthy relationships. (05/07/2014)
At 79, Tom Warth remains an enthusiastic fundraiser, enlisting people from corporate boardrooms to elementary school classrooms. On Friday, he'll start a weekend fundraising walk from Taylors Falls, Minn., to the state Capitol. (04/24/2014)
A young couple with two small kids and an old dog buy a vintage vinyl record shop in the worst economy in decades, in a languishing part of Minneapolis, in an era when many teens wouldn't recognize an LP if you spun it at them. It sounds like a great, sad country song in the making, except this story turns out pretty well. (04/18/2014)