Dan Olson Feature Archive

Woodblock print artist, food co-op founder, electric bass player for the winter solstice celebration. Betsy Bowen fills many roles in Grand Marais. (11/26/2014)
In the 1950s and '60s, the Lenarz sisters learned songs in the kitchen while doing dishes with their dad. Today, they share their love of singing in the Twin Cities Women's Choir. (11/21/2014)
Walter Dziedzic is among nearly 95,000 Minnesotans who served in the Korean War. More than 700 were killed in action. (11/11/2014)
Ruth Knox was among the more than 100,000 women who enlisted during World War II. Now 95, the Twin Cities native shares her story for Veterans Day. (11/11/2014)
Author Carol Ryrie Brink died in 1981 but she left behind hours of recordings recounting her upbringing. The tapes were recently rediscovered by her 95-year-old son. (10/27/2014)
The Minnesota composer, who died Sunday, made accessible music that explored new ideas. He wrote pieces that players could play, but also challenged them. (10/21/2014)
The Minnesota composer made accessible music that explored new ideas. He wrote pieces that players could play, but also challenged them. Paulus died Sunday. MPR News' Dan Olson has more. (10/20/2014)
A Hastings biology teacher and his class wade into the Vermillion River for research. They emerge with larger lessons on society and the environment. (10/15/2014)
In studios and on stages, folk, indie-rock and other players are expanding the musical universe of the ukulele, an instrument that will be celebrated at this weekend's Uke-Fest. (10/03/2014)
Bison play a vital role in the region's ecology. It's one reason the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources wants to grow the state's herd. (09/25/2014)
Want to learn jazz vocals? Vicky Mountain can help but you'll need to spend some time. (09/23/2014)
Carrol Henderson helped bring trumpeter swans back to Minnesota 30 years ago. Now, the long-time DNR official warns the region's prairie songbirds are in trouble. (09/09/2014)
Legend has it, this land was spared the ax because surveyors mapped it mistakenly as a wetland. It still wears its name well. (08/27/2014)
Minne' Fire completed college with a degree in early childhood development, and she came to Minnesota nearly 30 years ago to teach. Since then, she has survived cancer and several failed marriages with alcoholic or physically abusive husbands. She's had five children. (08/19/2014)
Rooftop bees here hold important clues to the long-term health of the bee population in Minnesota, one of the nation's top honey producing states. The trends appear to show that survival rates and honey production for urban and suburban bees outpace their cousins in farm country, where swaths of bee habitat once flush with nectar and pollen-rich plants have been plowed under. (08/14/2014)