Dan Olson Feature Archive

State officials this week will release stingless wasps in several Twin Cities neighborhoods to try to control the spread of emerald ash borers that kill ash trees. (06/06/2011)
Minneapolis officials are hoping federal disaster assistance will help pay recovery costs from the tornado that struck the city's north side nearly two weeks ago. (06/03/2011)
Environmental advocates predict an increase in human respiratory problems unless the government acts to lower ozone standards. (06/03/2011)
Audubon Minnesota is in its fifth year of research looking into how many birds are being killed by flying into buildings and what can be done to reduce the number. In the Twin Cities, Audubon Minnesota collected 1,400 dead birds from 2007 to 2009, representing 100 different species -- mostly songbirds. (06/01/2011)
The new 336-bed facility called is Higher Ground. Catholic Charities CEO Tim Marx said it replaces what Catholic Charities intended as a temporary homeless shelter that is now 15 years old. (05/24/2011)
Minneapolis officials have closed a large portion of north Minneapolis to traffic, because of damage caused by Sunday's tornado and the clean-up efforts. (05/23/2011)
Although demand for senior citizen transit systems will grow in coming years, expected budget cuts have put them in a "state of crisis," according to some in the industry. (05/19/2011)
A new report from St. Paul-based Wilder Research estimates there are 4,500 homeless children on any given night in Minnesota. (05/18/2011)
The state's largest public works project ever has been a huge payday for thousands of workers, but some of the businesses along the line report sharp revenue losses as construction blocks access to them. (05/13/2011)
Mayors and superintendents from Minneapolis, St. Paul and Duluth say the bill would cut literacy programs for children. (05/12/2011)
New census data released Thursday show Minnesota's population of seniors is rapidly growing. (05/12/2011)
The proposed Northern Lights Express line would run from Duluth to downtown Minneapolis. The 155-mile passenger rail service could cost as much as $990 million to build. (05/09/2011)
The Dalai Lama is making his first official visit to the Twin Cities since 2001, when he spoke at the University of Minnesota as part of the Carlson Lecture Series. (05/06/2011)
The union, which has 2,200 members, realized that funding for transit is likely to be cut at the Legislature. (05/04/2011)
The Grain Belt brewery closed in the 1970s, and the property deteriorated. In 1989, the city of Minneapolis stepped in to save it from demolition. (05/03/2011)