Dan Olson Feature Archive

Jane Belau volunteers her time every Monday and Thursday morning to play the piano in the Mayo Clinic's Gonda Building lobby. Her music entices others to sing and dance, as well as lift the spirits of patients. (03/21/2012)
According to the Star Tribune website, Cowles was surrounded by his family when he died Saturday evening. He had lung cancer. (03/18/2012)
The war in Somalia does not produce a lot of good news. But in our new episode of Minnesota Sounds and Voices, we heard some first hand. (03/15/2012)
For her work resettling Hmong refugees, Olga Zoltai will be one of the recipients of this year's Immigrant of Distinction Award, named by the Minnesota/Dakotas Chapter of the American Immigration Lawyers Association. (03/01/2012)
As far as Minnesota protest movements go, the Occupy movement is nothing new, writer and historian Rhoda Gilman at the Minnesota Historical Society says in her new book, "Stand Up! The Story of Minnesota's Protest Tradition." (02/23/2012)
The Flamingo Bingo charitable bingo operation in Rochester last year returned $90,000 to its operator, the Rochester Senior Center Foundation. (02/16/2012)
The rhythmic pounding of a 4,000-year-old Japanese drumming tradition will pulse through Minnesota in the coming weeks as the St. Paul-based Mu Daiko drumming ensemble embarks on its 15th anniversary tour. (02/10/2012)
With the unseasonably warm weather this February across Minnesota, the sound of skate blades on ice feels increasingly endangered. But not at the Guidant John Rose Minnesota skating oval in Roseville. (02/03/2012)
The University of Minnesota's Visible Heart lab is the only place in the world where researchers can study beating hearts outside the body. (01/27/2012)
Meet 16-year-old Rose Hollermann of rural Elysian, the youngest woman ever to have been picked to represent the United States in wheelchair basketball at the paralympics. (01/12/2012)
"The end of our disease is death or recovery," the Rev. Jo Campe says of the addiction to alcohol that prompted him to contemplate suicide nearly 17 years ago. "There aren't any other options." (12/28/2011)
Handbell choir performances around our region reach a peak during the holidays. Minnesota Sounds and Voices reporter Dan Olson recently spoke with Betty Fletcher Mast, a matriarch of the Minnesota handbell scene. (12/20/2011)
As they do with the coming of winter every year, thousands upon thousands of crows -- maybe even millions -- have started to swarm, caw and roost each night in downtown Minneapolis. (12/07/2011)
Over the past four years more than a hundred north Minneapolis Hmong residents have benefited from the homework help program. (12/02/2011)
Every week, Bea Hasselmann walks past the razor wire-topped security fence and into the state's oldest juvenile detention facility to show young men how music can affect the soul. (11/25/2011)