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In 1999, American families adopted more than 16,000 children from other countries. That's more than double the number adopted a decade ago, when most adoptees were Korean. Today, half come from Russia and China. The dramatic shift has brought new issues facing these children. How will they adapt? Should they retain their culture? Are parents prepared for the children who are often developmentally disabled? (10/09/2000)
A new battle is brewing on the old Fort Snelling grounds between sports enthusiasts, historic preservationists, and the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board. The Park Board is proposing to build an athletic complex at Fort Snelling. Opponents say sports are great, but not at the expense of an historic landscape. (05/08/2000)
Farmers, religious leaders, and family-farm activists rallied Wednesday at the Minnesota Capitol in Saint Paul. The event was designed to bring attention to failing family farms and the growth of large, corporate farms. (03/02/2000)
Governor Ventura's communications director tries to repair Ventura's strained relationship with Capitol reporters. (10/14/1999)
Over the past 20 years, alternatives to nursing homes have sprung up across the nation including here in Minnesota. One is Rakhma Incorporated. Celebrating its 15th year this October, Rakhma has grown from one to three homes across the Twin Cities since 1984. Rakhma homes are places for people with dementia and Alzheimer's disease to live in a home setting, but not alone. (09/01/1999)
An MPR, KARE-TV, St. Paul Pioneer Press poll shows Republican George W. Bush has a slight lead over Vice President Al Gore. But Minnesotans polled are overwhelmingly against the idea of a Jesse Ventura candidacy. (07/15/1999)
From a small office in Minnesota, a group of people helps change the lives of thousands of war refugees. (04/29/1999)
A series of stories and audio portraits detailing the struggles of Hmong immigrants to Minnesota. (03/08/1999)
Skills required to keep a job are sometimes tougher to teach. (10/13/1998)
In the fourth Citizens' Forum, residents discussed crime and raised questions for the Minnesota gubernatorial candidates. (05/26/1998)