Mike Mulcahy Feature Archive

Even though the Minnesota Senate seat is still in legal dispute, Democrat Al Franken announced today that he has hired a chief of staff for his Washington office. (04/29/2009)
A Ramsey County district judge Friday granted Saint Paul's request for a temporary injunction that will prohibit 10 leaders of a gang known as Sureno 13 from associating with other known members of the criminal gang at the city's annual Cinco de Mayo festival next month. (04/24/2009)
Republican Senator Norm Coleman's campaign is once again asking the Minnesota Supreme Court to intervene in the counting of wrongly rejected absentee ballots. (12/31/2008)
Minnesota Public Radio News is displaying the election recount numbers as they are provided by the Secretary of State's office. Other media organizations are using a different method to calculate the margin in the recount. (12/03/2008)
Gov. Tim Pawlenty told Republican activists in Rochester today that the party needs to be hopeful and optimistic. (05/31/2008)
Gov. Tim Pawlenty said he's tried to maintain civility in his dealings with lawmakers and he acknowledges his recent "cheap shots" line pushed that boundary. (04/18/2008)
Minnesota lost 6,300 hundred jobs in September compared to August, and the state's unemployment rate now stands at 4.9 percent. (10/16/2007)
After being re-elected in November with 47 percent of the vote, Republican Gov. Tim Pawlenty's job performance is now rated good to excellent by 55 percent of Minnesotans. (05/11/2007)
Minnesota's two U.S. senators have very different reactions to President Bush's veto of a $124 billion Iraq war spending bill. Republican Norm Coleman supports the president's veto, while DFLer Amy Klobuchar is critical. (05/02/2007)
Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., was in Iraq Saturday as part of a bipartisan congressional delegation. (03/18/2007)
Minnesota U.S. Sen. Mark Dayton is urging the Bush administration to fully release a National intelligence estimate on the war on terror. (09/28/2006)
The stadium debate at the Capitol grows more confusing by the day. Earlier in the session it seemed as though the Twins stadium plan would have smooth sailing. But the Senate Taxes Committee has been proposing big changes to the stadium proposals. (05/03/2006)
Both the House and the Senate met briefly on Saturday, then went home for the holiday weekend. (07/02/2005)
A group of Minnesota veterans is calling for a congressional inquiry into whether troops in Iraq have adequate supplies and protective equipment. (12/14/2004)
Xcel Energy says all of its metro area crews are out Monday trying to restore power to several thousand customers. Some areas of the Twin Cities reported winds of more than 70 mph Sunday evening as a strong line of storms moved through much of the state. (05/10/2004)