Laura McCallum Feature Archive

Delegates to the state Republican convention are expected to handily endorse Gov. Tim Pawlenty for a second term Friday afternoon Pawlenty has led the state during a contentious and highly-polarized era at the Capitol, which included the state's first partial government shutdown. (06/02/2006)
It was a busy day for gubernatorial politics Wednesday. Republican Gov. Tim Pawlenty formally announced his re-election campaign. Democrats launched a campaign against Pawlenty and other Republicans. And DFL gubernatorial candidate Becky Lourey announced her running mate. (05/31/2006)
As with every session, the list of things that didn't get done is just as long as what did. While the Twins and Gophers got their stadiums, the Minnesota Vikings will have to wait until at least next year for an Anoka County stadium complex. A provision in the Twins bill instructs the Vikings to continue developing their plans. (05/22/2006)
The Minnesota Supreme Court affirmation of the cigarette fee is fueling debate among lawmakers over how to spend more than $400 million that's now available. (05/17/2006)
The disputed 75-cent-per-pack charge on cigarettes won the backing Tuesday of the Minnesota Supreme Court, which overturned a judge's decision that struck down the "health impact fee." (05/16/2006)
A bill on its way to Gov. Tim Pawlenty's desk would restrict the ability of local governments to seize private property. (05/16/2006)
Patty Wetterling locked down the DFL endorsement in the 6th District on Saturday, setting up what promises to be a rip-roaring battle for Congress with the GOP's conservative candidate, Michele Bachmann. (05/13/2006)
Legislators acknowledge there's not much the state can do about the high prices. But that may not matter to voters who could take out their frustration on incumbents this fall. (05/12/2006)
The arcane world of public pensions produced a feisty debate at the Capitol on Thursday. The state's pension commission held a hearing on a report by the Minnesota Taxpayers Association that says Minnesota's public pensions face a nearly $10 billion funding shortfall. (05/04/2006)
The Minnesota House has passed a property tax rebate bill that would send checks to homeowners this fall. Lawmakers who support the measure say it's the simplest way to help homeowners facing double-digit property tax increases. But there's no guarantee the state will have enough money for the proposal, and critics call the rebate a gimmick designed to buy off disgruntled property taxpayers right before the election. (05/02/2006)
Minneapolis business owner Sue Jeffers announces her candidacy for governor Thursday, taking on Gov. Tim Pawlenty for the Republican endorsement. Jeffers is an outspoken critic of Pawlenty, saying he's not conservative enough. (04/27/2006)
Republican leaders have scrapped a plan to pass as many as nine budget bills to take care of various spending priorities. To their dismay, those bills were accumulating initiatives that were picking up votes from Democrats and moderate Republicans. (04/26/2006)
Minnesota drivers could be pulled over for not wearing seat belts, under a bill that passed the Minnesota Senate on Thursday. (04/20/2006)
A Senate Democratic plan to bring some relief to property taxpayers has gone down to defeat -- because not enough Democrats would support it. (04/19/2006)
With only a few members flinching at the cost, the Republican-led House voted 114-16 Wednesday for nearly $1 billion in public-works construction projects. (04/12/2006)