Laura McCallum Feature Archive

Air travelers are coping with new security regulations in the wake of the alleged terrorist bombing plot uncovered in London. U.S. travelers are banned from bringing liquids on planes, and a second level of security screening for some passengers may begin early Friday. (08/10/2006)
The issue of health care is heating up in the governor's race. Two candidates have already outlined health care proposals, and another two will weigh in on the issue this week. Political observers say the issue affects many Minnesotans' pocketbooks, but it's unclear whether it will ultimately affect their votes in November. (08/09/2006)
Some political observers were surprised two years ago when Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry won in the Minneapolis suburb of Edina, long considered a Republican stronghold. This year's election will test whether that was a fluke. (08/06/2006)
Gov. Tim Pawlenty has signed an executive order creating a new online registry for meth offenders. When it's up and running, Minnesotans will be able to search the registry for people convicted of making or selling methamphetamine. Pawlenty's political rivals mocked the idea as a gimmick that won't do anything to deter meth use. (07/27/2006)
DFL gubernatorial candidate Mike Hatch is blasting the state's largest newspaper for a story that hasn't been published. He claims the Star Tribune is trying to dig up dirt on his family. (07/24/2006)
DFL Attorney General candidate Matt Entenza says he's horrified and embarrassed by revelations that a Chicago firm he hired dug for dirt on current DFL Attorney General Mike Hatch. He says he will apologize to Hatch, his fellow Democrat, the party's endorsed candidate for governor. (07/13/2006)
Republican Party officials are calling on two of the state's top Democrats to come clean on an apparent feud between them. (07/12/2006)
In the last few years, Minnesota members of Congress have traveled to Hawaii, Alaska, Israel, South Africa, China, Germany, Turkey, Mozambique and other spots around the globe. Taxpayers didn't foot the bill for these trips -- private interest groups did. (07/09/2006)
U.S. Rep. James Oberstar, a DFLer who represents Minnesota's 8th Congressional District, took a trip to Paris, France and Stuttgart, Germany in Feb. 20-26, 2005, sponsored by the International Management and Development Institute. His office responded to questions about that trip via e-mail. Here are some excerpts. (07/08/2006)
The DFL-endorsed candidates for U.S. Senate and governor say they're focusing on the November general election, and the Republicans running in the race. But Amy Klobuchar and Mike Hatch must first get through the September primary, and both face primary challengers who claim to have stronger positions on the issues. (07/05/2006)
State tax officials disclosed Wednesday that a package containing private information on 50,000 taxpayers - mostly businesses being audited for back taxes - has been missing for more than a month. (06/28/2006)
Winning the Independence Party endorsement for governor was no problem for public policy consultant Peter Hutchinson Saturday. (06/24/2006)
Conservation groups say the state's forests are rapidly falling to development, and the agreement will ensure that a large swath of land north of Grand Rapids won't be sprouting cabins and condos. (06/14/2006)
Minnesota Democrats will endorse a candidate for governor at the party's state convention in Rochester on Saturday. Vying for the endorsement are Attorney General Mike Hatch, state Sen. Steve Kelley and state Sen. Becky Lourey. (06/09/2006)
Delegates to the state Republican convention have overwhelmingly endorsed Gov. Tim Pawlenty in his bid for a second term. Pawlenty told delegates that he's been fighting a deeply liberal tradition for the past four years, and said the state needs leaders, not whiners. (06/02/2006)