Laura McCallum Feature Archive

The program creates tax-free zones outside the seven-county metro area. A homeowner and a business challenged the constitutionality of the program. (10/13/2006)
Republican Gov. Tim Pawlenty says the state's job market is "on fire," while his opponents say Minnesota's economic picture is not so hot. (10/10/2006)
It's not just conservative churches that are trying to get out the vote this fall. Urban church leaders are registering voters in low-turnout precincts in Minneapolis and St. Paul - areas that tend to vote Democrat. (10/03/2006)
Moderators pressed the group to offer specific proposals for future road funding, education reform and the environment. But Mike Hatch and Tim Pawlenty mostly demurred. (09/27/2006)
The candidates have been making a lot of promises about new spending, from free college tuition to more cops on the street. (09/26/2006)
A new Minnesota Public Radio-St. Paul Pioneer Political analysts say the race could hinge on which candidate sways the most undecided voters. (09/21/2006)
The major party candidates for governor squared off on Thursday for the first time since their primary victories earlier this week. Pawlenty and Hatch took shots at each other, largely ignoring the Independence Party's Peter Hutchinson. (09/14/2006)
Republican incumbent Tim Pawlenty, DFLer Mike Hatch and the Independence Party's Peter Hutchinson will face off in the November election, and the barbs have already started. (09/13/2006)
DFLer Becky Lourey, Republican Sue Jeffers and the Independence Party's Pam Ellison say they have better positions on the issues than the three candidates they're challenging. (09/11/2006)
The proposal failed to pass the Legislature, and Pawlenty's political rivals say that's because it's a gimmick. (09/05/2006)
For the first time in nearly two decades, there was no big Labor Day picnic in St. Paul this year. Union organizers canceled the event because of a lack of funding and volunteers. But several unions were involved in another Twin Cities rally today. Hundreds of people marched for immigrant and workers rights. (09/04/2006)
Independence Party gubernatorial candidate Peter Hutchinson has raised a lot of money for a third-party candidate, but he's spent even more. (08/30/2006)
State officials say Minnesota's economy added nearly 12,000 jobs last month. Over the past year, the state has added jobs at more than double the national rate. At the same time, Minnesota's unemployment rate inched up last month, because more people are now looking for work. (08/15/2006)
An Independence Party legislative candidate is asking the Minnesota Supreme Court to place his name on the September primary ballot. He's blaming Secretary of State Mary Kiffmeyer for his missing the filing deadline. (08/15/2006)
Independence Party gubernatorial candidate Peter Hutchinson unveiled a health care plan that he says will save state and local governments as much as $1.2 billion a year. His plan includes requiring all Minnesotans to have health insurance and slashing administrative costs in half. (08/11/2006)