Laura McCallum Feature Archive

Minnesota education groups say their top priority is a bill that would boost special education funding, and the issue has the support of Senate DFL leaders. (03/01/2007)
Minnesota senators voted Wednesday to stick with a $30 a day increase in expense allowances, dismissing concerns by some lawmakers that the pay bump was too generous. (02/21/2007)
The Words Work program is designed to close the education achievement gap, and researchers say it's working. (02/18/2007)
Bill Green has been appointed the permanent superintendent of the Minneapolis school district, after serving in that capacity on an interim basis for more than a year. (02/13/2007)
A New Brighton school is closed for the rest of the week after a mercury spill. (02/07/2007)
Bill Green goes before community residents for a public interview Tuesday night. (02/06/2007)
Cristo Rey High School will be part of a network of urban Catholic high schools across the country that places low-income students in corporate internships. (02/01/2007)
At a hearing in Minneapolis, lawmakers wanted to hear about closing the achievement gap, but they also got an earful about the challenges facing urban schools. (01/31/2007)
Nineteen Minnesota charter schools will receive a total of $8 million in federal money to renovate their buildings. (01/25/2007)
Under the governor's budget, all public K-12 schools would get a 2 percent funding boost per student in each of the next two years, and Pawlenty would tie some additional spending to school performance. (01/22/2007)
A Minneapolis charter school needs to raise about $35,000 by the end of the month to avoid laying off teachers. (01/18/2007)
Gov. Pawlenty outlined his general proposals for education funding during a speech Friday, acknowledging that school boards need more state money to keep up with rising costs. He also sought to dampen expectations for funding all-day kindergarten statewide. (01/12/2007)
The law is designed to close the achievement gap between different groups of students, and make all students proficient in reading and math by the year 2014. (01/11/2007)
On the day that Lori Swanson was sworn in as Minnesota's 29th attorney general, her predecessor Mike Hatch announced he's staying on to work for her. (01/02/2007)
There's one thing everyone at the Capitol seems to agree on for the 2007 legislative session -- Minnesota's public schools will get more money. But it may not be enough for some parents and education groups, who are calling for an overhaul of the way Minnesota funds schools. (12/27/2006)