Laura McCallum Feature Archive

The reading test scores at Tarek ibn Ziyad Academy are among the highest in the state. (05/13/2007)
Students in the advanced acting class at Central High School in St. Paul have written a play that addresses racism, homophobia, and absent fathers. (05/07/2007)
Minnesota schools are in the final days of giving students math and reading tests called the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments Series Two, or MCA IIs. (05/01/2007)
A group of students at Roseville Area High School has organized a fundraiser to help people in the troubled Darfur region of Sudan. The event features journalist Nick Clooney, who traveled to Darfur a year ago with his actor son George. (04/27/2007)
Education is all about the three Rs. They used to be "reading, 'riting and 'rithmetic." But not anymore. Both Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates and Gov. Tim Pawlenty are promoting their own "3Rs" to push for high school reforms. (04/23/2007)
Minnesota education officials have pointed with pride to the state's 90 percent high school graduation rate as among the nation's best. But a new formula adopted just recently puts the rate for the same year, 2005, at a more lowly 73 percent. What accounts for the change? (04/23/2007)
Every school day, as many as 300,000 Minnesota teenagers stream through the doors of one of the state's 450 high schools. These buildings are their gateways to either college or the workforce, and the rest of their lives. Is high school preparing them for the world that awaits? (04/23/2007)
The Minneapolis school board voted Thursday night to close six schools in June, all but one on the city's north side. (04/13/2007)
Minnesota's high-tech industry is worried about a shortage of students going into math and science careers. (04/10/2007)
Senate DFLers say the state has to help schools with their special ed costs before funding new initiatives that Gov. Pawlenty has proposed. But the Senate education plan is leaner than either Gov. Pawlenty's education budget, or a House DFL bill released on Monday (03/26/2007)
Early childhood education was cited as a top priority by legislative leaders early this session, but budget bills released last week don't reflect that. (03/25/2007)
Minneapolis school officials have announced six schools they plan to close. The list includes five schools on the city's north side, which has lost half of its enrollment since 2000, and one school in southeast Minneapolis. (03/20/2007)
High school students who transfer schools would remain eligible for varsity sports under a bill that cleared its first legislative hurdle Monday. (03/19/2007)
Liz Wynne, principal of Twin Cities Academy, is a leader in the charter school movement. (03/18/2007)
A key House committee chair is proposing an income tax increase to fund Minnesota schools. Rep. Mindy Greiling, DFL-Roseville who chairs the K-12 Finance Committee, wants to raise the tax rate for upper-income Minnesotans. (03/05/2007)