Laura McCallum Feature Archive

State officials and veterans groups broke ground at the Capitol Sunday for a World War II veterans memorial. Many veterans say the memorial is long overdue, to honor the more than 300,000 Minnesotans who served in World War II. (08/12/2005)
A Minnesota law that takes effect Monday requires doctors who perform abortions to offer anesthesia for late-term fetuses. Minnesota is the second state to enact the requirement, following Arkansas. (07/31/2005)
The nation's homeland security chief visited Minnesota Friday, urging citizens to be vigilant, but not alarmed, about the threat of terrorism. Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff met with St. Paul Mayor Randy Kelly and other officials to discuss security in the capital city. (07/22/2005)
It's been a week since Minnesota lawmakers left the Capitol, after finishing work on a state budget that wasn't completed until a special session and a partial government shutdown. We take a look behind the scenes at how the budget stalemate came, and was resolved, by the state's three top political leaders. (07/21/2005)
State leaders said Friday they were on the brink of ending Minnesota's unprecedented partial government shutdown, as a marathon negotiating session between Gov. Tim Pawlenty and top lawmakers stretched on into Friday afternoon. Both sides said an agreement was very close, but some DFL lawmakers have reservations about the details. (07/08/2005)
Talks resumed Thursday to end the state's week-old government shutdown, even as a key Republican dealt a blow to Gov. Tim Pawlenty's effort to pull casino gambling back into the mix. (07/07/2005)
On the sixth day of a partial state government shutdown, several hundred state workers rallied at the Capitol Wednesday asking for their jobs back. Legislative leaders are talking hopefully about resolving the budget stalemate over the next day or so. (07/06/2005)
A partial state government shutdown entered its fifth day on Tuesday, with no sign of an immediate resolution. Minnesota lawmakers returned to the Capitol after hearing from their constituents over the 4th of July weekend. Some say voters are mad at the Legislature, and may blame all state leaders. (07/05/2005)
Campsites and parks would remain open and some 4,000 state workers facing layoffs would be safe under the agreement. But the rest of the state is heading toward a shutdown (06/30/2005)
State officials continue to plan for a partial government shutdown on Friday as legislative leaders continue budget negotiations. Gov. Pawlenty and legislative leaders met late into the night at the governor's residence in St. Paul with the hopes that they could hammer out a budget deal. But the two sides still remain far apart on several key budget items. (06/28/2005)
There's been a lot of talk about the possible state government shutdown that could happen on July 1. One issue you may not have heard about involves a multi-million dollar fund designed to pay pensions to retired Minneapolis teachers. The pension fund is in serious financial trouble, and lawmakers disagree over how to fix it and even what caused the problem. (06/27/2005)
A Ramsey County judge on Thursday ordered state officials to fund essential state services if there's a partial government shutdown at the end of the month. If there's any dispute over which services are essential, they will be mediated by former Supreme Court Justice Edward Stringer. (06/23/2005)
Democrats said Thursday they would accept a portion of Gov. Tim Pawlenty's proposed cigarette charge as long as the proceeds go to subsidized health care programs. (06/09/2005)
Gov. Tim Pawlenty's "health impact fee" appears to have landed with a dull thud at the Capitol. It isn't just his political foes who have criticized it, but some usual allies as well.And it's apparently done little to break the budget stalemate; negotiators appear no closer to reaching a deal. (05/26/2005)
Attorney General Mike Hatch has taken another step toward running for governor in 2006. Hatch sent a fundraising letter to DFL contributors, asking them to help him finance a gubernatorial campaign. While the election is still a year and a half away, Hatch isn't the only Democrat considering the governor's race. (05/25/2005)